Mystery of Algerian Ink Lake

We all know from the school curriculum that lakes are bodies of water with
fresh water, although, of course, there are salt lakes. But what in
nature, there are completely unique reservoirs, for example,
Ink lake in Algeria, not everyone knows about it.

Near the small Algerian village of Sidi Bel Abbes just
this is a fantastic lake, yes, yes, with real ones
ink that you can write. The thing is that in this ink
no microorganism lives, not to mention fish and other
animals of the ordinary lake.

For a long time, scientists could not find the reason for the formation of such
paradoxical filling of the Ink Lake. Today this mystery
finally solved. It turned out that two small rivers flow into the lake:
one carries a huge amount of various salts, and the other is rich
organic peat bogs. When mixing these components
a certain chemical reaction takes place (to be in chemistry we
you will not) and you get real ink that is poisonous to everything.
living. Therefore, swim in such a lake – God forbid!

Locals know the story, keep all sorts of legends that
they tell why this lake was once beautiful
poisonous and scary. On one of them once passed by the reservoir
the Devil himself, and he allegedly ran out of ink for signing
contracts for the purchase of souls (such agreements are not signed
blood, as Westerners think). Here is the Lord of Darkness and turned
lake in a huge inkwell. Therefore, the aborigines are even afraid
approach the cursed lake and call it the “Eye of the Devil.” AND
doing right, I must say, because even the evaporation of this
water bodies are harmful to human health.

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