Mystery of Itelmen Lake Big Kalygir

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In Kamchatka there is a mysterious, almost mystical Lake Bolshoi Kaligir, in comparison with which even the secrets of the Valley of Geysers fade and the Death Valley of the peninsula. The fact that Kalygir is hiding something that cannot be explained by any natural phenomena.

Unearthly light

In 1938, a geologist made a trip to the mysterious lake and Volcanologist Igor Soloviev. He had a partner in assistants Nikolai Melnikov. The researchers found no paths near the lake, even animals, and therefore they had to go along the coast by water. It is good that it was the end of May, and the water in the lake was already warmed up.

Soon, scientists discovered a bare rock and a cave in it. Having decided to rest and dry, the first to climb into the grotto was Soloviev, when he saw a rocky islet in the water and a mysterious blue glow over him. Igor admired him for no more than two minutes, after which he simply … blinded. It was carried in the hands of Melnikov, who, by happy chance accidentally entered the cave when his head is already shouted that he did not see anything and warned that his partner should not looked at the blue glow.

Solovyov’s vision was restored only after a day, all this while his partner had to drag a comrade on his shoulders, walking to the waist in water.

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Only in 1976 did Igor Solovyov dare to describe what had happened in the journal “Technology – Youth”. Thanks to feedback from the former Kamchadalov, he learned that once on the banks of the Big Kalygir Itelmen settlement of Kannat was located, then in its place formed a fishing village, but shortly before the Great Patriotic War wars Itelmen for an unknown reason abandoned their homes and hurried away from here.

They say that they knew about a mysterious cave with a blue glow, depriving a person of sight, and then of reason, and even in due time dissuaded a detachment of Kolchakites who were interested in possible treasures in a mysterious grotto, do not go there. But those are not obeyed the natives and … disappeared. Only one soldier returned who was already clearly out of his mind, muttering about some kind of magic fire, in which his comrades burned. He himself soon died in terrible torment, although the burns on his hands were kind of minor and not deadly.

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First expedition

The first scientific expedition to the mysterious lake was organized in 1980 by the Russian Geographical Society. Into her there were five people, Igor Soloviev was invited, but he refused because of old age since a helicopter for these no goals have been highlighted.

As a result of this, the researchers hardly reached the Bolshoi Kaligir and how many did not go along the coast by water, were not found no cave. But they were very surprised by the still living fish with the blind eyes that fluttered in the lake. In this case, the radiation background was Normally, nothing indicated any danger. And only in ten in the evening, when it was already dark, something became clear to researchers.

They were sitting by the fire, when suddenly on the opposite side of the lake there was a terrible rumble, as if something enormous had surfaced from the bottom pond. And although scientists did not see what flew out of the water, but the huge waves that reached them testified precisely about this one. Then a yellow dot flashed on the opposite shore, and beyond a blue hemisphere rising above it began to flare up trees – and so several times.

Surprised by the researchers and the fact that during this diving a mysterious object from under the water, they were seized by such animal horror, that, only holding hands and clenching their teeth tightly, they managed with difficulty to overcome it and not rush wherever your eyes look. But how only strange effects are over – fear has passed. For further the team didn’t have any products or fuel left – on This expedition ended.

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Second expedition

The organizers of the second expedition, which was organized through year, equipped in this campaign more competently and carefully, capturing not only an inflatable raft with an engine, but also scuba gear. However staring at the entire shore of the mysterious lake, they never discovered a cave with an unearthly light, described by Soloviev. Inspection (just in case) of the neighboring lakes also did not bring no results.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the cave most likely went under water for this a long time, and therefore it must be sought with the help of scuba gear. Moreover, the next expedition should get an echo sounder, as well as heavy spacesuits without front glasses, but with video cameras, equipped with special filters. All this will help protect people. from destructive light.

The main reason that so far this expedition has not was equipped, probably understandable to everyone. After the collapse of the USSR It was not up to the secrets of some Itelmen Lake in Kamchatka. However, for some reason, there are still no sponsors to organize a third expedition to Big Kalygir. Of course, it will cost, apparently, not cheap, however, according to specialists and, in honesty, ufologists, the result of these studies can exceed all expectations …

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