Mystery of Lake Titicaca

On the border of Peru and Bolivia is Lake Titicaca. It located in the highlands and is the most high-water highlands the lake in the world. And also it is one of the strangest lakes on the planet: Titicaca does not communicate with the ocean, but is filled with sea water! And this at an altitude of 3812 meters above sea level! The mystery of Lake TiticacaPhoto from open sources And there are also marine animals, ocean fish and crustaceans. The same as in the Pacific Ocean. And also it located in the basin formed by the Andes ridges, the height of which 6000 meters. However, at a significantly greater height, component almost 150 meters from the level of the lake itself, on the slopes of the mountains are visible traces of the surf. The shores are dotted with skeletons of marine animals. IN a few kilometers from the lake are ancient ruins. This city Inca Tiwanaku. Neither Aboriginal nor Europeans were able to respond to the question is why some structures are intended. And only after discovery in the mountains of traces of the sea surf, coinciding in height with the level of these structures, it turned out that these were port buildings, and Tiwanaku only recently received ships of the sea! These are puzzles for which there seems to be no answer yet. But it’s on first glance. Europeans heard from the Aboriginal legend of how it happened that such a highly developed civilization suddenly perished: after all Tiwanaku undoubtedly received ships from many countries and, quite perhaps because of the ocean, its seafarers enjoyed upscale geographical maps, the most accurate calendar. What happened Which disaster interrupted the life of this highly developed in every way people and their city? The gods were angry with the builders of the city: sent plague, famine and an earthquake, and the main city disappeared into the waters the lake! The legend is beautiful, but similar to the myth of the end of the world (or civilization), which exist among most peoples. A photo from open sources In the ruins of Tiwanaku there is a structure, reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe. This is the Gate of the Sun. They depict symbolic signs of the exact lunar calendar. Moreover, images are very arbitrary, but impossible to catch: on the same The gate depicts some animals that have died out in America for thousands of years. back! And the signs on the Gate suddenly break off. Like a carver or the masons postponed work until tomorrow, but never again to her came back. Most likely because he died. Like the rest of the inhabitants Tiwanaku. And what is this city that the sea has swallowed (or rather, lake) abyss? Beautiful fairy tale? Not. Scientists tend to that the ruins we know are just (if you can put it) the city of temples. But the main city was right on the seashore. Or the bay. Here he is, according to legend, and sank. Argentine scuba divers in the 1960s discovered underwater on at the bottom of Lake Titicaca the ruins of a deceased city. The city was, according to the ancient huge concepts: ruins stretch for a kilometer or more! Here turned out to be an alley of stone slabs several hundred meters long, she stretched parallel to the shore. Divers later stumbled upon the walls 1.5-2 meters high. They were located in thirty rows on 5 meters from one another. They all stood on one the foundation of huge hewn blocks. Recent research Bolivians at the bottom of Titicaca only added puzzles: “We found temples and the stone paths that lead to no one knows where, and the stairs, whose bases are hidden in the depths of the lake and braided by sea algae. “Paved pavement, the remains of the walls set geometrically correct. Confused with natural formations on sea ​​(lake) bottom is impossible. There are more legends closer to our time. During the Conquista, the Indians allegedly drowned all their gold in lake titicaca. And including a gold disc weighing in a few tons. An explanation of the riddles of Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca may there is only one thing: probably it was so, as the legend says. The lake could “scoop” sea water only when it was part of the sea. This means that there was a seaport in Tiwanaku. A then, when there was a catastrophic movement of the mountain platform, and the lake instantly ascended to a height of 4000 meters, the inhabitants died, and the port city (main) was at the bottom: geological the plates heaved unevenly. A photo from open sources It could only be at the time of the World cataclysm caused by the fall in the Atlantic Ocean “second moon” or a very large meteorite. By the way, Maya has legends testifying that before, before the disaster, in America was not mountains. Cordillera formed, if not in an instant, then in a short time, which you can’t even call a “geological second”, for it happened really instantly. I think that before the world there was no catastrophe of rocky mountains on Earth at all. Cosmic body broke a single lithospheric shield, formed tectonic plates, they began to cause earthquakes during mutual friction, and during colliding with each other – piling up. On the earth’s surface mountains, troughs appeared … Terrain surface. Rivers were looking for new channels, breaking into waterfalls … In the world there is no people who would not keep memories of this event. Here what one of the Mayan codes says about the crash: “The sky has come to the earth, and in one day everything perished. Even the mountains hid under water … “The Holy Book of the Quiche Indians (Guatemala) describes catastrophe as follows: “There was a great flood … People fled to despair and madness. In horror, they tried to climb the rooftops, which collapsed and threw them to the ground. They tried to climb on the trees, but the trees dumped them, people sought salvation in caves and grottoes, and they buried people. The light faded day and night it was raining. Thus was completed the death of the race of people doomed to уничтожение”. Фотоfrom open sources Indians of Peru say that, according to their ancient legends, “there was such a great flood that the sea came out of of its shores, the land was flooded and all people died … Water rose above the highest mountains. “We can find similar information. in the traditions and preserved sacred books of all the peoples of the South, Central and North America. Alaskan Indians recall that in during the flood, the few surviving people escaped the raging waves on canoe. Wild animals, bears, wolves also tried to climb into boats crowded with people, and they had to be driven away with spears. We also find reports of disaster among African peoples. So flash floods along the shores of both oceans accompanied by very strong volcanic activity, as well as mountain building. Mayan tradition reports that during the disaster hot mountains rose. Other myths also telling about that the mountains in this area appeared during the disaster, confirmed by some finds of scientists. “From the book Alexander Bogdanov “Secrets of the missing civilization” (2010 year)

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