Mystery of the Devil’s Kettle Waterfall unraveled?

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Amazing waterfall “Devil’s Kettle” 327 meters high, Located in the Minnesota State Nature Park named Judge Clarence Magney, is rightfully considered one of the most mysterious places on our planet. The water of the Brul River is shared here. into two streams. One stream, falling, continues to flow, and the second disappears without a trace in a wide stone pothole, and to one god know where the water goes from there.

It used to be believed that through underground passages water from the second stream then falls into the lake below. By however, this conjecture could not be confirmed by experimental by way. Specialists added food coloring to the water and threw it into it has thousands of plastic balls to track the flow of water, however, all this disappeared without a trace. GPS devices were also used however, they soon “died out” and did not produce any results.

For decades, the Devil’s Kettle considered an unsolvable mystery among both locals, numerous tourists, and among the most respected scientists. That the fact that not a single item thrown into a stone well is nowhere subsequently did not show up, spawned many myths. For instance, some Americans believe that the most real black hole. One urban legend says that a certain a local resident even pushed his old car into a bottomless pothole, and no one else saw the car.

A photo from open sources

The mystery of the waterfall in terms of modern science

Hydrologist Jeff Green, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources claims that he managed to find out where the water “disappears” from well. Researcher reports that falling into a stone hole the water element then again connects to the second stream, only significantly downstream. Green personally measured the river flow higher waterfall, and after – at a considerable distance below. Water volume turned out to be the same. It turns out that the disappeared water in the “Devil’s Kettle” in some incomprehensible way comes back out and merges again with the river. The thing, as they say, is left to a few, namely – determine how it all happens.

Green, who believes that no mysterious underworld under no natural park, found a rational explanation and disappearing into well items. The hydrologist is convinced that they are being destroyed significant water pressure at the very bottom of the well. True, explain why then no debris of objects floats in the river, where the colored water disappears, which is why they instantly fail and the most reliable GPS devices disappear without a trace, a specialist so far cannot, but he intends to figure it out.

True, most researchers of the mysterious American they don’t believe Green Falls: it’s like catching a Loch Ness monster or bigfoot, they say. Such studies can be carried out indefinitely, sometimes even with “convincing” results, but almost always for nothing. On our planet like there are still enough miracles, and to solve them with the help of modern science (a modern “scientific” approach) is not yet presented possible …

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