Mystery of the Dragon Hill

Forest fires that annually flare up in Khabarovskaya areas are turning into a real natural disaster for this the edges. Fire hectares destroys forests, causing not only material damage: smoke from these fires envelops villages and cities, negatively affecting the health of thousands of people. Annually authorities spend huge amounts of money and energy on fire prevention, try to fight them, but all in vain. Huge suffer from fire territories not only in this region, but throughout our vast country. Many victims, thousands of hectares of completely scorched forest. Nevertheless, fires in the Khabarovsk Territory attract particular Attention. The first thing that is alarming is the strange localization of them foci to fight with on the slopes of the hills impossible. And second: fires strangely occur in places which have a “talking” place name, for example, on Dragon the hill. And it is already unknown what causes these fires. So if look at the hill from afar, it seems that from the hill, more precisely, from smoke comes from the dragon’s head, and fire comes from the nostrils. Around Khabarovsky edges around the boundless taiga. And what they saw a few years ago EMERCOM employees, flying around these places, greatly surprised them. IN outskirts of the village of Vyazemskoye trees. Fir trees, cedars, some of which are difficult to even grasp, were smashed like matches. The trees are not what were twisted with root, no. Most of them were broken off at a height of four or five meters. The trees were twisted and tumbled out at a ninety angle degrees. Moreover, it was amazing not only how they were dumped деревья, но и форма их вывала – крестом… MysteryPhoto from открытых источников Photo from open sources From above the shape of the collapse was very similar to Orthodox cross: one large straight strip and two smaller ones – across. Such a picture can hardly be called an accident. That the same thing happened at this place, many guesses were put forward. Itself The Ministry of Emergencies did not give any official conclusions. Many experts were afraid to say anything. Version of visiting these UFO places have not been confirmed, especially since such phenomena observed in neighboring Vyazemsky areas. Especially since dumps there are other features that no one at first drew attention: it seemed that someone was furrowed walked through these places. Slices of turf turned upright were found land, and the trees themselves were charred, although the fire was still in these places did not pass. It is this detail – burnt trees, that makes to connect dumps and strange fires in the Khabarovsk Territory together. AND these two phenomena are linked together by one being, into existence which locals have believed for centuries. This is about … dragon … 75 kilometers from Khabarovsk on the banks of the Amur The small Nanai village of Sikachi-Alyan is located. Here are unique ancient stones, which preserved strange drawings Nanai ancestors. On one of the stones is a shaman’s mask, being a reference point to other petroglyphs – ancient images hollowed out in stone. Фото изopen sources According to rough estimates by scientists drawings more than 14 millennia. Absolute majority Petroglyphs depicts animals – horses, tapirs, etc. Apparently the ancestors depicted quite real animals, because they saw them repeatedly. And only one image is controversial – it dragons. Everything around this place suggests that dragons distant ancestors knew quite well. After all, even the name of the river Cupid is translated from Chinese as a black dragon. Old people say that the black dragon or in Nanai – mudur – is very similar to catfish or a large crocodile. Ancient Nanai legends say that from time to time this dragon claimed sacrifice, and if it drowned in a river, suppose a child, then no one saved him, not even his mother. People stood and watched him drowning: they knew if mudur was needed sacrifice, it must be made. And if in these places dragons really existed then nothing interfered with these fire-breathing monsters fly and spew fire, causing fires that are in these locations occur annually. Moreover, in the Khabarovsk Territory many are sure that they did not just exist here in antiquity: they still exist. Many ancient legends say that in Three dragons live in the Khabarovsk Territory: river, earth and heaven. Them sacrifices were made, they were worshiped. Local residents knew: if not make a sacrifice, the dragon himself will take his. Фото изоткрытых источников Фото изopen sources They say that so far in the deaf taiga strangely lost domestic animals in the villages. Residents are all like one claim that the dragon carries them. And evidence of that fire or opaline on animals found in the forest. What is it it’s not human, obviously: carcasses of animals are literally torn by claws. But what kind of animal can burst and scorch fire? The Dragon! The dragons in these places are told the same way as about all other creatures that inhabit the local forests. The only thing a serious difference – dragons have long been recognized as undeniable masters of everything around. Moreover, some Nanai tribes dragons turned into their totems. Many myth researchers believe that the existence of dragons can be quite real, because dragons, in fact, are very reminiscent of dinosaurs. And if you imagine imagine the true size of dinosaurs, then it’s just goosebumps: because if they mutated into dragons, then it’s scary to even think which monsters walk in the Khabarovsk forests. Dragon on традиционной одежде амурских народов Фото изOpen Source In Peru, Mexico, and Some Other Countries there are collections of stones, petroglyphs on which indicate that humans and the dinosaur in the distant past closely interacted. More Moreover, some drawings are clear evidence that dinosaurs were once domesticated. One has only to look at these artifacts, as you immediately realize that it was precisely such dragons that were hunted and Russian heroes, especially since it was proved that at the beginning of history the first human civilizations dinosaurs still existed. So, the conclusions, which are self-evident, are simply amazing. IN Khabarovsk forests may well be creatures whom people long considered extinct. And no matter what they are called, dragons or dinosaurs, one thing is true: they exist, especially since the local they are believed.

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