Mystery of the Mists

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Mists in themselves are mystically dangerous and at the same time – mysteriously attractive. It is the fogs that cause different things kind of incredible events because in their cloudy impenetrable as a rule, many miracles occur, for example, without a trace people disappear, time stops, portals to other open worlds and much more, which is difficult to explain with logic and ours physical laws.

Almost every person in his life is faced with mysticism. fog, but for some it’s just some kind of misunderstanding, poorly explained, but because of this they try as soon as possible forget, but for others it’s a real shock, leaving a mark on memory for many years, if not a turning point about this world.

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Most often, mystical mists are associated with a particular terrain. Perhaps this point is paranormal Earth, however, mystical events here somehow happen precisely into the mists. This is how he describes his encounters with mystic fogs. Yakhromy River (Moscow Region) Muscovite Pavel Prokazov.

Mystical fog of a festive evening

At that time, Paul and his wife Irina participated in festive evening, which he arranged on the day of the autumnal equinox the team of the group “North Wind”. Holiday with traditional bonfires, beautiful ceremonies, songs and amazing treats, in which included even hand-cooked honey, passed on the bank of the Yakhroma river near the village of Ilinskoye.

Relaxing from the mead, the couple decided not to go looking at night to Moscow, and spend the night near the river in a car. In some moment Pavel and Irina left the red meadow, where the fun was held, and went to wander before bedtime under the starry sky. It was about eleven o’clock in the morning.

But as soon as they moved away from the fire, they suddenly captured full of dense fog rising from the river. Soon no zgi, and even the voices and laughter of the holiday seemed to drown in this white wet cotton. In a word, hedgehogs in the fog, lonely, a little surprised, but … happy.

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And then the couple saw over the path on which they walked, the moonlight a rainbow that was as if woven from fog and some fantastic silver light, forming a kind of arch over expensive. Before this arch was about twenty meters. As Paul and Irina approached her, the moon rainbow grew paler and paler, and when the couple in love reached this amazing arch, she simply melted into the total mass of hazy charm. Spouses stood a little and went back to the fire.

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This whole walk took twenty minutes of strength, but when Pavel and Irina returned to the red clearing, where they left those having fun friends, they were surprised to meet here very alarmed people. It turns out that they have been looking for them for a long time, since the time is two in the morning, and where they wore, and why they did not warn anyone about their distant a walk? ..

The couple looked at each other, then looked at their watch – and at mechanical Irina, and on electronic Paul was no more half past eleven. It turned out that their watch was somehow synchronous behind real time by at least two and a half hours …

Mystical fog with a toy road

Next time, the fog presented Paul with a riddle in May Day a holiday when his friends staged on the Yakhroma River on the night of May 1 picnic. Pavel himself with Irina and another friend Leonid lingered in Moscow, and already looking at night (eleven hours) hurried by car along the Yaroslavl highway to the holiday bonfire.

Suddenly the fog began to thicken and soon became so dense that I had to slow down to 25 kilometers per hour. But even with at such a speed, Pavel managed to slip the turn to the desired concrete, why even had to turn around and look for the way on foot.

There was another unpleasant surprise on the concrete: the neighbor went out light (relay burned out). In such a dense fog with distant lighting it was completely pointless to go – there was a solid wall of light ahead, why not see the road beyond two meters. They began to confer: spend the night here, waiting for the dawn, or make your way forward “by touch”. Still, we decided to slowly go, because the road was for Paul a friend, but there are no cars on it at this time.

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Let’s go, and then Paul suddenly realized with surprise what he sees he sees the road perfectly, but it’s just somehow strange: as if from afar – like a toy, as if underneath it, sort of like on the table is deployed. The feeling is so unusual that to describe it words are almost impossible. However, this makes Paul easy to could drive a car and even put on speed, because it’s great I saw all the turns, bends of the road and even its “roughness”.

But as soon as he gave the gas, Leonid intervened, who was scared for the safety of such a racket. Let’s better sleep here he began to buzz, because not a damn thing is visible, now we’ll just fly to ditch and break. Because of this whining, the vision of a toy road it began to blur and fade for Paul. Irina is obviously somehow with a sixth instinct I realized this and attacked Leonid: be silent, they say, once Pavel goes, so he sees where, he knows this road well.

Everyone fell silent, the toy road showed itself again, Paul again increases speed and thus without incident arrives to the village of Ilyinskoye, where the fog also abruptly broke, as it appeared. That’s basically the whole story. It would seem nothing special, yes just how to explain all this? And why did this mysticism happen to Again, Paul in the fog near the Yakhroma river? ..

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