Mystery of the Valley of Lost Lives in France

The Secret of the Valley of Lost Lives in FranceA photo from open sources

The old-timers gave this beautiful corner of nature in France the name “place of eighteen valleys”, but in every possible way avoided appearing where unexplained and tragic times occur events. For this reason, the area is also called the “valley of the lost lives ”

Scary wolves with beautiful female heads.

Thurgville Valley is surrounded by eleven peaks of the Iberian mountains In the middle of it is the amazingly beautiful Alet Lake, the water in which is unusually transparent and blue. It would seem real a tourist paradise, but the place is notorious. Many generations of the local inhabitants bypass him, because already so many people disappeared here, as if dissolved in mirror water Lake Alet.

A photo from open sources

One of the legends says that these unfortunate victims of some creatures with the bodies of wolves and the heads of women. Another legend claims that people were killed by sorcerers who lived on the shore of the lake. However, some managed to return home, breaking free from evil spirits. In the few weeks of their absence, these people changed a lot: they looked very old and scared everyone stories about their local existence. After some time, everything these people were losing their minds.

A young geologist or an elderly priest?

In September 1998 geologist Paul Leblanc lagged behind the group and got lost near Alet. A few days the rest of the participants expeditions searched for their young comrade, carefully combing Thurgville Valley. Their search did not lead to anything. For help a helicopter was sent to geologists, but everything was in vain, Paul LeBlanc sunk into the water.

A photo from open sources

Two months later, he suddenly appeared in the resort town Guze Neige. Being delivered to the police station, a man told what happened to him. Many years ago, Paul worked as a geologist, but then at the call of his heart he decided to devote his life serving the church. Having received the appropriate education, he led a parish in a certain mountain village. There together with his parishioners Paul Leblanc prayed fervently for wolves with heads women forever left the county.

After such statements, many considered the geologist crazy. Behind his parents arrived and took Paul away. According to rumors, they are after they sold their house and moved to Belgium. What happened to Paul further unknown.

Cheesemaker Valley of Lost Lives

In June 2008 a company appeared in the town of Cuserance traveling youth. Hearing at the hotel about a curse hanging over in these places, young people decided to go to the valley in the morning Turgville. The hotel manager tried to dissuade them from the dangerous ventures, but did not listen to him. The next morning the guys and the girls threw things in the trunk and rolled into the valley.

At first everything was fine. Wonderful weather, sun, clear sky … Arriving at the place, young people were delighted: what amazing beauty! Leaving the car, they ran to the lake bathe. And when we went ashore, it turned out that Joseph Chartier, alone from their company, disappeared. Young people rushed to look for him, then by the phone called the rescuers. Joseph, however, was not found.

A photo from open sources

As in the case described above, disappeared after some time showed up: one evening a truck driver found someone sitting in full prostration on the side of the guy. Joseph, unlike LeBlanc, in the first two days did not utter a word. Having finally found the gift of speech, he said his name is Louis. The young man was asked about where he was recently. He replied that he worked in the village cheese maker. He did not give any details, except that the cheeses men of a very bad appearance were taken from him. Joseph soon Chartier was in a psychiatric clinic …

River of time

Today, the Thurgville Valley is being explored by anomalous zone researchers, however, so far they cannot explain this phenomenon. Maybe, periodically in the vicinity of Alet the world and in order to penetrate through this portal, a person must be at the right time in the right place and at the same time have an altered state consciousness.

Well-known English anomaly expert Jenny Randles believes that we are talking about the flow of time. When the “whirlpool of time” pulls a person very deeply, then he disappears for a long time, if no – it soon pops up. Similar anomalies are windows in alternative time streams and parallel measurements where it can be anything: yeti, and Loch Ness monsters, and scary wolves with the heads of beautiful women. Maybe someday people learn to use such windows for unhindered penetration into other worlds without any harm to yourself …

Water Time Life Parallel Worlds

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