Mystery of the Valley of the Seven Deaths

The Mystery of the Valley of the Seven DeathsPhotos from open sources

In the foothills of the Himalayas, in the north of India, a mysterious gorge, where for over a century not a single mortal has set foot. The locals are horrified at the mere mention of this place and never agree to be the guides of those seekers adventures who seek to get into it.

Yes, this, however, is prohibited by the Indian authorities that hold in secret the coordinates of the gorge, called the Valley of the Seven Deaths. Dozens of daredevils still managed to get into it. a terrible place, and most of them did not return from there alive …

Mysterious Dead Man’s Notebook – Shadows of the Valley of the Seven Deaths

In the spring of 1856. hunted in the mountains Sikh hunter caught storm. Black clouds covered the whole sky and brought down the dense earth a veil of rain. Century-old trees crackled under the gusts of a fierce wind. Lightning flashed almost continuously, and thunder rumbled like artillery cannonade. Escaping the raging elements the hunter hid in a small cave on the hillside …

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Looking around, he came across an unpleasant neighborhood – human skeleton in decayed military uniform. Near the remains the hunter saw an officer bag and, opening it, found a pair flintlock pistols, other military supplies and a notebook in calico cover. The Sikh who does not know how to read decided to grab records of the deceased coupled with other things to show them subsequently someone literate person.

However, urgent matters and concerns supplanted him from the memory of the hunter. find. Notebook lay in a hut almost unclaimed half a century. Surprisingly, she survived altogether and was not allowed to go. for any household needs – for something Higher powers saved it for future generations …

In the end, a copybook with a knuckle binding came to adventurer Graham Dickford, passionate about finding innumerable Indian treasures. Dickford managed to make out faded records on old paper and found that this diary belonged to the captain British Colonial Forces to Richard Butterfield. Being commandant of one provincial garrison, Butterfield once I heard a local legend about the Valley of the Seven Deaths. Legend is literally shocked the imagination of the captain.

Legend of the Valley of the Seven Deaths

Once upon a time in this place was the capital of possessions some powerful raja. He had seven heroic sons. It was believed that the army led by them was invincible. Brothers have gained many brilliant victories, conquering all the surrounding tribes and peoples. And exorbitant pride dwelt in their hearts, and blinded by it brothers dared to challenge the very god Shiva, who heads heavenly army.

The angry Shiva fired a fire arrow from heaven, which incinerated both the madmen themselves and their army. After that formidable God threw a fireball at the capital of the Rajah – and it flared brighter than thousand suns. There was a terrible blow from which the whole land, and the city fell into a huge funnel. Further on his a place a mountain lake arose. According to legend, in the depths of this the innumerable riches of the great rajah are hidden …

Finding the Valley of the Seven Deaths

Captain Butterfield combined the spirit of romanticism and practical vein. He decided to find a mythical valley to take over the ancient treasure. Together with ten soldiers from his garrison, the captain headed to the mountains. His expedition spent in unsuccessful searches. many days. Not a single person who met in their way did anything knew about the mysterious valley.

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But it is not in vain that they say: he who seeks will always find. Once squad reached a deep gorge that was squeezed on both sides stone walls. It gradually expanded, and as a result, travelers ended up in a spacious valley. A dark blue splashed before them the water of a round lake, and on the other side people saw some ancient ruins. It was impossible to get to the ruins by land – sheer cliffs rising right at the water’s edge interfered. Travelers decided to put together rafts (the shore on their side was covered with forest) so that cross the lake safely. Night was approaching, therefore this matter it was decided to do the next morning. Having set up camp, travelers had dinner and went to bed. At night, as usual, put up sentries.

The next morning, waking up from a sound sleep, Captain Butterfield left tents and saw that all his soldiers disappeared without a trace. Wherein a fire was burning and food was cooking in a pot. There were tents and all equipment. And instead of people, the captain found only them uniform neatly folded on the shore. It looked like the soldiers, stripping, rushed into the water.

Butterfield approached the lake – and recoiled in horror: from the blue truly devilish eyes looked at him with burning eyes a person whose hypnotic gaze imperiously beckoned to him. FROM with great work, Richard looked away from his terrible face and turned to escape…

Every minute the poor captain got worse and worse: the head was spinning, consciousness, viscera, and skin were turbid as if burned by fire. On his way there was some kind of cave into which Butterfield crawled and soon died there. After him you are left diary where the captain wrote down all the information about his progress expeditions, including the last days of his life …

New victims of the Valley of the Seven Deaths

Graham Dickford deciphered the old diary and quite accurately located the legendary valley. He intended any at the cost of taking possession of treasures and convinced several friends join him. I didn’t embarrass the mad adventurer and didn’t frightened by the tragic story of captain Butterfield and his people. IN 1902 a new expedition of treasure hunters went to the mountains and … gone.

After some time, one of the local villages showed up extremely ragged man with a crazy look. He had a fever, his skin scabs were covered from terrible burns, and the hair on his head fell out to shreds. The ragged man mumbled something about friends who were unclean power destroyed in a hated valley. This man turned out to be Graham Dickford. No wonder he was considered insane and hid in the hospital. However, he scared the staff there with incoherent stories. about a huge flying fire, about a ghost killing with a look, about some night shadows … Three days later, the unfortunate died in terrible torment.

Then the authorities did not investigate this amazing incident. However, in 1906. the government was forced equip a scientific expedition to the damned valley. Insisted on it senior relative of one missing member of the squad Dickford.

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The expedition gathered impressive information. It turns out the lost mountain gorge is teeming with poisonous snakes, and some of their species live only in this place.

One day, one of the members of the group lit a match – an ordinary match, and at that moment there was a monstrous roar, from one to another pulsating flames swept the end of the valley. People, caught in their way, received terrible and unhealed burns.

In an attempt to escape from the attack of flashing lights, two men rushed down to the edge of the lake, but lost their balance and collapsed to the ground. When the lights, as suddenly as they appeared, disappeared, the rest members of the group hastened to help the victims. But it was too late: those turned out to be dead. And everyone else, going down to the lake, felt dizziness and sudden deterioration in well-being.

All expeditions to the Valley of the Seven Deaths end catastrophically

In 1911 one more expeditionary was equipped in a fatal place squad. And this time the valley has fully justified its gloomy title. Of the seven members of the group, she immediately killed five. Two survivors were later told that their comrades went down to the water and suddenly at an incredible speed began to spin in place, after which fell dead.

The survivors experienced such wild horror that they rushed away without seeing anything in front of you. With great difficulty they, exhausted, hungry, went out to the people. Unfortunately, these poor fellows briefly survived the deceased colleagues.

The last attempt to enter the deadly valley was undertaken in 1919 This time, scientists suggested that the cause all the tragedies were poisonous lake fumes, and took care on personal protective equipment. Wearing special costumes and gas masks, they examined part of the gorge and at the same time found seventeen skeletons.

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Then, three mountaineering researchers decided get to the ruins on the opposite side of the lake. To do this, they it was necessary to climb steep cliffs and go along their crest.

To make a similar rise in gas masks was very difficult, and climbers decided to neglect the means of protection. The three brave ones managed to climb to the top; standing upright people started laughing, joking, waving and shouting something to the comrades below. Suddenly all three jumped as if on command from the cliff – and the dark water of the lake closed over them …

This sad event forced the colonial authorities to ban visit to the ominous valley; subsequently this prohibition was confirmed by the government of independent India. According to assumptions scientists, has a negative effect on the human body gas emitted by the lake with combustible and nerve agents properties.

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There is another hypothesis that the lake represents a funnel from the explosion of a nuclear (or something similar) bomb. Events allegedly occurred 25 millennia ago during the battle of the ancients super-civilizations. The “Vedas of the Gods” are narrated by the Indian Vedas and epic, in particular the Mahabharata. By the way, the consequences of these ancient Independent researchers assert that wars affect humanity today …

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