Mystery or a striking coincidence?

Mysticism or a striking coincidence?Photos from open sources of

During the record in its strength cyclone “Irma”, collapsed recently to florida mike josowitz from a secluded area Key Largo refused, unlike many of his fellow countrymen, evacuate and stayed home. When the disaster is over, man went out and slowly began to disassemble the debris from the garbage and broken branches on their site. During this cleaning american noticed a small shiny object on the ground.

Surprised Mike picked up the find and found that it was golden engagement ring engraved with the letters M, E and C. Mike I wondered all day to whom this value might belong, and in a certain moment suddenly dawned on him. One of his neighbors there was a guy named Marty Eric Coleman. On the the ring, apparently, were marked with its initials. True, the man left with family as a hurricane approaches.

When the Colmans finally returned home, Mike went to them and showed Marty his find. Colman really caught up the owner of the wedding ring found was amazed to the depths souls. It turned out that he had lost it 8 years ago, but it wasn’t most striking. The loss occurred on a local river where Marty fishing then with friends. At some point the ring slipped from the man’s finger and fell, to his great chagrin, in water. And there it was too deep to even try to find the loss …

It turns out that the hurricane lifted in some incomprehensible way an object from the bottom of the river and transferred to the site to the neighbor of Coleman! Neither Josowitz, nor the owner of the ring still can not believe in what happened – just some kind of mysticism! If this is a coincidence, then truly incredible – one that only happens to a person once in a lifetime. Or maybe it was not a coincidence at all, but the will of the higher forces that returned Mike his engagement ring? Now man in perplexed – what does this miracle promise him? ..


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