Mystery People: Oddities of Nikola Tesla

A photo from open sources The name of the famous physicist Nikola Tesla is known not only to those interested in science. It was rumored that he could do amazing things. They said that it was Tesla who arranged the explosion, which was taken for the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, and carried out experiments with portals to other dimensions … Meanwhile, most the scientist was considered a rather strange person … The researcher almost never had a home. He spent the night in hotels or his lab. Like many highly intelligent people, Tesla He was a closed man. He was never married, although a flaw did not experience attention from women, especially after the scientist became rich and became a millionaire by selling part of his patents on inventions. But Tesla avoided “going out” and refused meetings with the ladies. But he did many hours of walking every day walks, because I thought that this stimulates the work of thought. At when walking, he often counted the steps, and at the table he counted the volume soup in plates, the number of pieces eaten and cups of coffee drunk … It was inconvenient to do this in someone’s presence, therefore the researcher preferred to eat and drink alone.

But that is not all! He suffered from mesophobia and was panicky afraid germs, so every now and then went to the bathroom to wash his hands and could use up to twenty towels a day. Hotel staff where Tesla stopped, just moaned from him … After all, besides the big the number of towels, a distinguished guest has always demanded that the number of his apartment was a multiple of three, and if while eating on the table a fly landed, then insisted that all dishes be replaced …

The scientist rested only four hours a day, and two hours went to think about ideas and only two – to sleep … In addition to classes electrical engineering, Tesla was fond of linguistics, fluent in eight languages, wrote poetry, was well versed in music and philosophy … He believed that you can learn to control space energy and enter into communication with other worlds. And claimed that he invents nothing, but only is a conductor of ideas that sends him “ether”.

Tesla was literally obsessed with math. But he never used integrals, differentials or field theory for calculations, but turned to ancient Greek mechanics: used, for example, system of calculus created by Archimedes, drawing an analogy between mechanics and electromagnetism.

Tesla also possessed a truly phenomenal memory. He was able to memorize whole books by heart. “I could read their word in the word, “he recalled in an article published June 5, 1915 American journal Scientific american. One of his favorites books was Goethe’s Faust. Once on a walk when he was it is necessary to consider one scientific problem, the physicist undertook recite whole pages from the great tragedy by heart. “When I, lost in thought, said the last words, admiring the expressive power of the poet, the solution (problems) came like a flash of lightning, he wrote. – I instantly saw everything at once and drew canes in the sand patterns later outlined more fully in my main patents in May 1888. ”

Tesla was also haunted by visions all his life. It started back in childhood. “Unusual visions often accompanied me unbearably bright flashes of light, – the scientist writes in his flashbacks. – They caused terrible suffering, distorted the view. real objects, prevented from thinking and working. To whom I only addressed, but so far none of the psychologists or physiologists could give a satisfactory explanation for these unusual phenomena. I suppose they are unique. I probably received this gift from birth, because my brother was experiencing the same difficulties. ”

And Tesla’s friend Wetzler Martin believed that the scientist possessed visionary abilities. Once he had guests. When they were about to leave, the scientist felt that he had to delay them, because they face some kind of trouble … It turned out that the train, on which they had to sit off the rails, many passengers were injured and died … Another time he had a dream about an illness and the death of his sister Angelina. Soon the dream came true …

At the same time, Tesla knew how to use trance for generating new scientific ideas. During these “sessions” he tried completely disconnect from the outside world. “In the process of concentration stress can cause from memory old images that after each mental immersion emerge like traffic jams on the surface of the water and do not drown, “- the inventor explained.

Some considered Tesla an eccentric, others a genius. Some attribute him even a connection with aliens or representatives of parallel worlds. But, most likely, he was just a man ahead of his time and therefore not always understood by others … However, this is not prevented him from entering the history of science, along with such outstanding by names like Newton or Einstein.

Margarita Troitsyna

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