Mystical actor

Mystical actorPhoto from Viktor Avilov’s open sources considered the most mystical Russian actor of the last century. Performances in which he played, it was more like hypnosis than theater staging.

Avilov was not a professional actor, that is, did not possess special education, but he was not in the theater by accident, since it was here that in Soviet times he could only to show their remarkable mystical abilities. As he said Victor, if he doesn’t spend his energy on stage for several days, then can cure any person of any disease in one minute.

In the eighties, when the persecution of the USSR stopped psychics, Avilov openly began to engage in mysticism. He could on the stage to stop your heart for four minutes – and the audience saw and they felt the actor dying before their eyes in reality. However, one of the strongest magicians of the time who helped Victor reveal his psychic abilities warned him that he never used them to the detriment of someone.

It is difficult to say whether the role of Woland (the devil) in the play “Master and Margarita” in violation of this prohibition, however, as many magicians say, that’s exactly what ruined talented actor and mystic Avilov.

Victor Avilov was remembered by millions of spectators for brilliant playing in the movies “Mr. Designer” and “Prisoner of If Castle”, although he starred in three dozen films. He died in 2004 at Novosibirsk hospital bed, although all his life he was terribly afraid of doctors and never turned to them – apparently anticipated that death he will be found in the hospital.

In general, mystics in creative circles are not few. Is death Jeanne Friske mysticism or accident?


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