Mystical black birds attack cars

Mystical black birds attack carsPhoto from open sources

A fantastically huge flock of black birds, most likely ravens, appeared in the thickening twilight of January evening over the road in Houston (USA, Texas). Witnesses say this gloomy the picture is akin to shots from the mystical movie “Night Watch”, when the dark forces, in the form of the same terrible winged messengers, circled above the high-rise buildings of the city.

Black birds staged this show above the track, circling in some mysterious rhythm and even attacking cars rushing along freeway at huge speeds. Moreover, as witnesses say, it seemed that they were doing it for some reasonable purpose, that simply shocked motorists and passengers who were at the epicenter this mysterious action. And all the birds were black, perhaps they even represented different breeds, say crows, blackbirds, graracles, however in the gray sky they seemed in their terrible dance just a terrible and dangerous dark mass.

What are these flocks of aggressive black birds?

The Americans, of course, immediately turned for clarification to to scientists, however, ornithologists do not have an accurate idea that this such and why birds suddenly begin to gather in huge flocks and circling above the ground, and in this case, above the highway. It’s possible it’s somehow connected with the weather, with the approaching, let’s say a tornado, a storm – it has long been known that birds feel the approximation of similar weather anomalies. The most interesting thing is that they given the way to somehow capture the same storm in its inception, even when he does not know about him, it seems, God himself. But the reasons for this mysterious whirling, clarifies Hannah Bailey – an ornithologist researcher from the Houston Zoo, maybe many others, even the most fantastic, about which we are not dare and guess, let’s say birds behave like this for a reason breaking the temporal-spatial ties, opening portals in other worlds and so on.

The only thing we can say with accuracy, continues scientist, similar phenomena have happened before. Huge flocks of blacks birds, for example, recorded in these parts in 2015, in October 2016 year. Perhaps it’s easier for birds in such flocks to exchange energy resources, warming up and thus saving on food. However, why are they attacking cars at the same time – a real mystery, which no one else can explain …


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