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Mystical black mirror has become a valuable exhibit of Mobile Museum of the Paranormal and Occult in the United States. Spouses Greg Newkerk and Dana Matthews being professional researchers of the supernatural, for many years collect items endowed with inexplicable properties, and then they are shown to a curious public, driving around American cities.

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The mysterious black mirror that they managed to get has unusual story. The couple admits that never before faced with similar artifacts. Notorious item made many hardcore materialists give up their skepticism. The previous owner of the mirror brought a lot troubles and worries, even almost drove her crazy, thanks what it became clear that the thing is “not of this world”, or maybe just damned.

Supernatural Museum Owners

Greg has been studying various mystical phenomena. His wife Dana is the founder the world’s first supernatural researchers entirely from the fairer sex. Spouses who met due to their common interest, they constantly speak in American television and even plan to launch their own program. The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult totals thousands of items with abnormal properties. Couple gives successful touring shows, showing their viewers exhibits, talking about them, and at the same time taking care that all artifacts remained as safe as possible for humans.

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The history of the mysterious mirror

This mysterious item came to Greg and Dana practically by chance, and the researchers did not have to pay a dime for it. Researchers turned to a woman named Sarah. She reported couple that a few months ago her mother was seriously carried away fortuneteller and acquired through the Internet a small black mirror in gilded frame. Starting at least the tenth century, many seers used special balls, mirrors and containers of water with the purpose of magic rituals. Falling into a trance and looking in reflective surface, oracle could predict the future, communicate with the dead or even influence in various ways reality.

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The American said that soon after buying a mirror her mother became some kind of distant, alien and almost stopped calling daughters. When Sarah once asked her how fortune-telling goes, the pensioner suddenly got nervous and said that she nothing happens, and the black mirror must be ruined. Despite this, the behavior of an elderly woman became more and more strange and inadequate. She turned into a real hermit and completely stopped leaving the house. Sarah understood: something is not here so, and therefore I went to my mother to talk seriously with her about everything this one.

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Talking with a relative, our heroine between the cases asked show her that same mirror. The pensioner first came to confusion, then brought her daughter to the locker, opened it and got out her purchase, wrapped in black cloth. Sarah asked why the mother keeps the mirror in this form, and then the elderly the woman burst into tears, shouting that the mirror was “evil and shows terrible things. “Without thinking twice, Sarah took away the ill-fated the item with itself and subsequently donated it to Greg and Dana, finding information about them on the web. The woman was afraid to break or throw artifact, because I read in childhood that damn things, sensing danger, they can begin to defend themselves and harm man up to his murder.

The black mirror terrifies museum visitors

Not so long ago, Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews visited with their museum Perreville city in Kentucky. Many artifacts attributed to hazardous categories, were protected from the audience: placed under glass, fenced with special circles of soot or chalk, disassembled into parts etc. The black mirror is installed so that visitors were not able to see their reflection in it. Take his hands were strictly prohibited.

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However, one woman approached the stand, took an item and began to look at him. In just a few seconds, the expression her face changed dramatically, genuine horror froze on him. “God my, what is it ?! “the visitor exclaimed. Greg went to and asked: “What happened? Did you see something there? You should not have pick it up, we specifically warned about it. ”

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A shocked woman said: “Instead of reflecting on me watched my decaying corpse. Lord I really don’t was it worth it, I have to go to pray. “With these words hospitable lady left the museum. That evening a few more people had the courage to look in the black mirror, however each of they saw there only their reflection. Some visitors even suggested that the scared woman was an actress hired museum owners to maintain public interest in the exhibition. However, then it became clear that the subject actually possesses mystical properties.

Visitors venturing to look in the mirror report observing strange images, strange figures in the background and distorted own faces. One man touched surface of the artifact with his palm, and there remained an imprint of his hand. A frightened sightseer for an hour tried to erase his mark, however, nothing came of it. Dana solved the problem by dropping on holy water mirror: the palm print was erased after that without problems.

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One visitor saw his face in the mirror smile ominously his. Another observed in the reflection of his own double, which peered over his shoulder. A third spotted his late aunt, standing nearby. The fourth, looking in the mirror, saw his reflection warped and crippled, as if after an accident case. They say that this man even left his dangerous job, afraid that his vision was prophetic. Such “visions” black mirror demonstrated a great many …

Mystical mirror attracts people

Researchers have noticed that the black mirror has an incomprehensible magnetism. It literally attracts people, making them look in its dark reflection. The couple conducted an experiment by closing artifact in the box and putting it in the farthest corner without any inscriptions and plates. Many visitors specifically went to the box and tried to open it. To questions about why they did it, the Americans replied that some kind of spurred them obsessive curiosity. As if they understood with the sixth sense that in the box has something interesting for them.

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The owners of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult more than once noticed that if you cover a black mirror with a cloth, then it after a while subsides without any help. Moreover, an artifact has the ability to spontaneously turn to people. Greg and Dana conducted many experiments, studying a mysterious subject. It turned out that in an hour the mystical mirror could turn on nine to twelve millimeters. It is as if it could not exist without human attention. At the same time, it is still impossible with accuracy say whether it is really damned or, on the contrary, shows useful visions to people that can warn them against dangers in future.

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