Mystical clouds and heavenly sounds in Jerusalem

Mystical clouds and heavenly sounds in JerusalemPhoto from open sources

There are many popular entries on the World Wide Web, on which you can hear mysterious sounds coming from the sky. IN In recent years, this mystical noise began to be heard in various corners of the planet are much more common. Not so long ago, a similar phenomenon experienced by themselves and the citizens of the Israeli capital, only this time the matter was not limited to inexplicable sounds.

In late October, several residents of Jerusalem succeeded capture on video not only weird, like trumpeting sound pouring right from heaven, but also amazing cloudy education resembling a portal to a parallel world. Such the incident caused many eyewitnesses, and then users The Internet suggests that a real apocalypse is coming. how It is known that in Abrahamic religions it is believed that the end of the world will be accompanied by the sounds of trumpets coming from the sky and various miracles.

By turning on the video below, you can watch striking clouds, gathered in a kind of huge ring. At the same time, it is noticeable that a certain light or ether. As for the sinister sound, it looks like simultaneous blowing in a wind musical instrument, noise bee swarm and human cry. Truly surreal and creepy picture. It is noteworthy that the video is composed of two records made by individual eyewitnesses, therefore about any editing and special effects are out of the question.

Many locals then panicked and seriously prepared to Armageddon. However, after an hour the noise ceased, and fantastic cloud formation scattered. It turns out if danger was, then, fortunately, it passed.

Some conspiracy theorists familiar with this video, suggested that the American installation is to blame HAARP in Alaska. According to official information, this building intended to study the auroras and ionosphere, however quite a few people believe that HAARP is actually climate weapons capable of influencing the weather and causing cataclysms.

Scientists claim that a similar noise is observed throughout globe, is the result of radio emission from our planet. However, how then to explain the appearance of the mysterious ring in the sky?

End of the world

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