Mystical “Donkey Tree” in Kentucky

In the American city of Springfield (Kentucky), between the road
Valley Hill Road and a nameless stream, an unusual tree grows
which locals call the Donkey.

Like most urban legends, the story of the Donkey Tree
somewhat varies depending on the identity of the narrator.
The reason for the appearance here of an unusual plant and its mysterious
properties are described in different ways, however, by listening to citizens, you can
make an average version of an amazing story.

The history of the Donkey tree

So springfield people believe that here in the middle of the 19th century there lived
a man who had a donkey. The master ruthlessly beat
an animal and one day he killed him to death. Note that in those
days the moral compass of people was somewhat different and even
the senseless killing of cattle was considered a disgusting act,
deserving of punishment. Perhaps that is why then was born
the myth of the supernatural tree that punished the cruel farmer.

It is believed that in the place where the American threw the corpse
animal, the beginning of a tree grow rapidly. Over time, one of
its trunks twisted and got a hollow, starting suspiciously
resemble the head of an ass with open mouth.

Years passed, and the farmer began to drink himself, although he had not
abused alcohol. Once he confessed to his drinking buddies,
that the “donkey’s head” on the tree at night appear luminous
eyes, and blood is dripping from her “mouth”. Buddies men naturally
only laughed at his words, considering the vision of a farmer
the result of delirium tremens.

The American tried to cut down the tree, however, being committed
drunk at that moment, only he himself was wounded by an ax. He wanted to sell
their land, but did not find buyers, annual pay for it
worthy amount. In the end, the farmer drank himself completely, his
a lifeless body was found lying under the bed with a gun in his hand. Windows in
the room, looking at the grove with the mysterious plant, were tight
boarded up like a drunkard was expecting a visit from there
mystical ass Maybe he waited for him …

The donkey tree still amazes with its mystical

A donkey tree stands in Springfield to this day, and frightening rumors
about him over the years only multiply. The plant is considered damned:
say, if you touch it, you can lose luck,
get sick, even go crazy or even go to the forefathers. AT
“Feed the donkey” repeatedly noticed a thick red liquid
suspiciously like blood. Some eyewitnesses claim that
seen in the dark, like a tree glowing red fire eyes.

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