Mystical legends of BAM

The mystical legends of BAMPhotos from open sources

Who has not heard about BAM – Baikal-Amur Railway highway, the construction of which began in the spring of 1972, after why a huge stream of youth from all over the Soviet Union poured here, since this construction was announced – by the All-Union Komsomol shock construction of the century.

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All these boys and girls who rushed east in mostly for romance, did not even imagine that BAM construction began in the late thirties by forces Bamlag prisoners, many of whom ended up here on earth way.

Probably, this railway would certainly be built in the first half of the twentieth century, even on the bones prisoners, so prevented the Great, which began in 1941 Patriotic War. However, even several years of construction BAM in those unbearable conditions of cold, hunger and hard labor, in which the prisoners were put, turned into terrible consequences faced by the participants of the All-Union Komsomol construction of the century.

It is enough to recall the words of a psychic from Komsomolsk-on-Amur Yuri Vasilyevich Paramonov, who laid in the seventies on BAM its first sections:

The aura of those places was just awful, because here thousands of prisoners died a martyr’s death. Before my eyes skinny figures with exhausted faces and bottomless eyes full of hopelessness and torment. It seemed that all this land, soaked with sweat and blood, moans and cries. That’s probably why BAM gave us so many terrible legends about all the devilry happening in these places. Unfortunately, all these legends are not fiction, Bamovskaya youth of the seventies faced something beyond terrible and incomprehensible, especially incomprehensible to them – inveterate atheists and materialists of the Soviet era.

BAM ghost train

The builders of the Baikal-Amur highway of the seventies faced many mystical phenomena, among which a special place is ghost train. They say it is connected with a real story. In 1940 prisoners working in the area between Yanchukan and Kichera do not having endured the terrible conditions of slave labor and maintenance, they raised rebellion, after which a steam locomotive with three wagons hoping to break into the endless Yakutia, where it was easy then get lost and break free through this land.

The Bamlag leadership used aviation by bombing a steam locomotive and the narrow gauge railway, by which he tried to break into the Sahu. Soon war broke out, and construction was abandoned, but local Yakuts became notice since then the ghost train that suddenly appeared in their the edges – a steam locomotive and three cars.

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The most striking thing is that the team of Dmitry Zarechnev in 1973 I came across that unfortunate narrow gauge railway. To the surprise of the builders, a railway track abandoned in the taiga for thirty years, was in perfect condition: wooden sleepers, as if just soaked with creosote, seemed brand new, all metal parts did not have a hint of rust, and the rails looked so polished, as if walking on them daily endless compositions.

The military and various special services of the USSR dismissed this information, only specifying that there is no narrow gauge railway in that deaf taiga can’t be at all. So it was, especially since a mysterious railway line led to “nowhere”, as it turned out meticulous Komsomol members. After 26 kilometers she rested on a hill, overgrown with cedars. Who supported the abandoned narrow gauge railway, and remained a mystery. Probably the one who traveled on it is a ghost engine and his team, which was seen here not only by the Yakuts, but also atheist Komsomol members …

BAM tunnels leading to other worlds

During the construction of BAM, 142 different bridges were erected and eight tunnels laid. And each such object had some kind of mystical story.

For example, from deep cracks in the arch of the Baikal tunnel in front of mysterious yellow-fire balls floated out in the influx of groundwater. The tunnel on the Vitim – Chara Kodarsky section acquired a ghost, whom the drifters dubbed the White Shaman, since he is his warned builders of impending earthquakes – and never made a mistake.

The most mysterious was the longest in the USSR �Severomuisk tunnel, which was laid for almost a quarter century. In the time of this construction there was a breakthrough of quicksand, as a result which killed a lot of people, some were walled up stone debris. And with them, as they told after liberation from the blockage, just mystical things happened. So, one of the workers, trying to independently find a way out of the rubble, I stumbled upon a metal door, all green with mold. He couldn’t open it, but he heard something happening behind her, some kind of life. He tried to knock, call for help – no answer followed by …

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A year later, an accident occurred in this tunnel – collapse base, resulting in a wide gutter leaving deep into the mountains. Sounds came from that black depth, as if someone down there he worked with jackhammers. Get down into this damn nobody dared the den …

By the way, we note that at present, Baikal-Amur the highway is working, though already at the limit of its throughput opportunities. Now it is being modernized in order to increase freight traffic on this unique railway line up to fifty million tons per year. Do railway workers meet on it today is something mystical? Yes, and constantly, one “damn bridge” of which stands on which all kinds of troubles constantly occur, why the drivers (just in case) reduce the speed on it to 20 kilometers per hour. But that’s not even the point: on the bridge you can meet real devils that climb onto the roof of a locomotive, look at the driver’s window and sometimes even arrange on rails real bedlam – for this reason the bridge is called “damn” …

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War Time Bridges USSR Yakutia

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