Mystical “moaning” gap transforming people in nightmare doubles

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A few years ago, an amazing story about the so-called a “moaning” gap spread around several Runet sites and was for some reason called the inhabitants of the former USSR a terrible mystical tale, although the woman herself – the author of the text – argued that this was by no means artifice. Probably the whole point is that this story is enough creepy, and readers subconsciously refuse to believe that something this can happen in reality, and ours, Russian.

Strange gap in the stone

Our heroine, let’s call her Natalia, says that in childhood I spent summer with my brother in the village of my grandmother. There were many children there, and they constantly went for a walk in the forest, where there were several interesting “sights”: empty bear den, split lightning oak, as well as a “moaning” gap, as it was called rustic guys.

The “moaning” gap was a small crack in the granite a boulder that looked like a huge egg half-buried in the ground. Inside the crack was clearly a cavity, because if you shout there, then from the darkness echoed back. However, the voice was distorted and became somehow unpleasant, as if inanimate. It was no longer a sonorous child an exclamation, and some kind of stifled moan. Hence the name of the gap. Then it seemed to Natalya funny.

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Light penetrated poorly into the hole, and at a depth of a couple of tens centimeters no glare was visible. However most An interesting property of a crack in granite was that it invariably brought back everything that fell into it. Throw a lump or pebble – and they come back with a second delay. Natalya’s brother felt that there was a slope inside, because of which everything rolled out back. And if you carefully blow into the gap, the air also returned, it just smelled somehow unpleasant.

City children had few stones with cones, so they threw crack other things. Natalia, for example, ventured to throw there valuable glass ball. True, that night he scattered in baby And the boiled egg lingered in the “moaning” slot for 5 seconds, then rolled back rotten. These are miracles …

How the “moaning” gap “spoiled” living things

One of the village boys once planted in the hole of his a kitten. The animal rustled for a long time inside and did not want to crawl out back, but after a few minutes as if nothing had happened again it seemed outside. Unfortunately, a couple of days later the kitten had to drown, because he had a great time tearing a baby’s face.

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That summer, when the end of August came, and it was time to return home, our heroin and her brother finally decided walk through the woods and somehow imperceptibly found ourselves near mysterious boulder. Surprisingly, the gap managed to become somewhat wider. Natalya’s brother put his foot in there for fun, but smog. Children pulled her, cried, the girl already wanted to run to call on help, but then the leg suddenly easily came out of the crack. Nonetheless, stepping on her boy was painfully painful. City doctors for a long time they tried to figure out what the problem was, but not found no fracture, no dislocation, no infection. Over 25 years have passed, and the man still walks with a crutch.

The mystical incident with Nika

When a Russian woman grew up, got married and gave birth to a child, a village with an ominous stone nearby arose again in her life. Grandmother she died and bequeathed her house to Natalia’s family. In the very first summer, daughter our heroine, Nick, quickly made friends with village peers and spent all her free time with them, as her mother had once been.

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One evening the girl was late for dinner, and Natalia went look for her. At some point, she saw that her daughter, along with his company returns from the forest. Nika was skipping and smiled, but the other guys were white as chalk. Our heroine began to question them what happened, and the children are all as one claimed they were just walking. But it was evident in their eyes that they they lie. Only Nika behaved normally and didn’t give any to her kind of understand that something happened.

Only then did Natalya once again remember the “moaning” gap, which I managed to almost forget for all these years. Woman rushed in forest, found an unfortunate boulder and was dumbfounded – the crack became much wider, and if desired, a child could climb into it entirely. Moreover, on granite at the hole swayed a few long red hair – obviously Nikins.

The girl, however, turned out to be completely unharmed. She looked at her mother with honest eyes and swore that she did not even know about what a “moaning” gap, because I was walking with friends in a completely different parts of the forest.

Who came back: Natalia’s daughter or a double?

However, the neighboring children Natalya went to quickly “split” and reported that their company had actually visited a boulder, and the guys even hooked Nick when she wanted to climb into a crack. Children to hell were scared when the girl disappeared inside for almost an hour. But then she climbed back out and calmly headed home, so friends decided that since everything worked out, then adults can not talk about it.

The husband called Natalia a hysterical girl. Say, their daughter is alive and well – why bother then? That’s just our heroine began doubts arise whether it’s really her child, or for that hour, while Nick was inside the boulder, the gap “made” something similar. And every day these doubts grew stronger, since Natalia ceased to recognize her daughter.

Nika, according to her, returned from another crack – “spoiled”. The family was forced to send their dog to the shelter after the girl allegedly accidentally stuck a burning match in the eye of a pet, and then completely doused with boiling water. And the “wrong” Nick is constantly looked at mother: in the afternoon in the back, and at night went up to the bed and just stood by. Open our eyes and stop it with our heroine lacked courage.

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The girl began to tell her father something that made him consider your wife abnormal. And then Nika did say that wants to live in the fresh air in the village, while he wants “something” show dad in the forest. And so the daughter and husband gradually moved away and moved away from Natalia. They became strangers and … even scary for her …

In the end, Natalia came to the decision to leave the family. If believe the author’s words, now she lives far from her ex-husband and daughters. And alone mourns her real Nick, forever perished in the darkness “groaning” gap …

Whether the author of this story did the right thing, she does not know and herself…

Time Doubles Stones

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