Mystical vanishing mansion in Suffolk

In the English county of Suffolk, the mystical is widely known.
the legend of the mysterious emerging and disappearing mansion
confirmed by many eyewitnesses.

Information about the so-called Rogam mirage first received
spread at the end of the 19th century when about seeing a ghostly
facilities reported by local farmer Robert Palfrey. In 1860 he
I worked on a warm summer evening in my own field, when I suddenly felt
severe frost

According to the man, he immediately froze. Surprised by a strange
metamorphosis in sensations agrarius looked around and
unexpectedly noticed nearby a luxurious high-rise building from
red brick around which lies a lush green garden.
Stunned man for a while table and just looked at it
miracle. When the Englishman approached the stately mansion,
he literally disappeared into the air. More Palfrey never
I saw this building, but the incredible Rogham mirage appeared in
1912 in front of his great-grandson James Cobbold.

Cobbold told me that he was with his partner in
the place where his great-grandfather’s land once was, and exactly
I also felt at a certain moment a cold penetrating to the bones.
Suddenly, the men heard a deafening whistle behind their back,
as if something huge flew over their heads through the air.
Turning around, the British saw the above-described red three-story.
mansion in Georgian style, surrounded by fragrant blooming
gardens. Co-workers did not have time to comprehend what he saw before the house
surrounded by a strange misty haze that dissolved him into oblivion.

The following observation of the Rogam mirage occurred in 1926.
Miss Wynn’s young schoolteacher was returning from work and
stumbled upon a massive mansion. It was surrounded by a high wall with
iron gates behind which lush green trees. Woman
admired such beauty, then left. When she asked
subsequently local residents, what kind of house, she was told that
there were no buildings in this place. Teacher is not
I believed the words of the townspeople and went there again. What was
surprise of our heroine when she discovered there only overgrown weed wasteland.

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