Mystical Yakutia: At the nameless river

Mystical Yakutia: At the Nameless RiverPhotos from open sources of

Evil spirits, which the Yakuts call abasses, local mythology usually described not as bodily beings, but as vague figures and silhouettes that suddenly appear and dissolve in the dark. Nevertheless, the story that we offer you (by the way, very popular among the local population), talks about how angry and the insidious spirit accepted not just material, but human appearance.

Hunter brothers

The story will again be about two brothers who lived in Yakutia in Soviet times. The oldest of them was about thirty, the youngest – about twenty five. Being professional hunters, men in early autumn went for a month or two to shoot game in the depths forests – where a person has not yet managed to scare away the beast and birds. The brothers arranged joint long trips before, and therefore were savvy in this matter and the dense wilderness was their second home.

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Our heroes settled in the forest near the river, which did not have that time of the name. They built temporary housing, lit a homemade bake. Following the centuries-old Yakut tradition, they made an offering to the spirit fire in the form of food and alcohol, so that all the spirits living in these places showed favor to them. After that, the brothers set about case. There was surprisingly a lot of game in the forest, and in just a couple of days hunters shot more than planned for two weeks. They rubbed their hands pretty, looking forward to a solid profit, who will receive, having handed over all this stuff to the reception point.

Uninvited guest

This happened when the first snowfall began. Evening brothers dined in their warm hut. Suddenly, a crunch came from outside, as if someone was walking in the snow. Hunters grabbed their guns: what if bear? However, it soon became clear that the steps were human. Someone went to the house and said in a female voice: “Lord, it’s cold how! “Well, the brothers were surprised: where did someone come from, more woman?

Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door. Then she opened, and into the hut a young woman came in in expensive, albeit old-fashioned, clothes. Seeing people, the stranger was happy and said that she lives in the village nearby. Going for a walk in the forest, she got lost and Lost in more often all day. Already scared that freezes, but on I found my happiness on this housing …

The brothers looked at each other: they knew the area well and were convinced that there are no villages nearby. But the guest called sincere sympathy, she trembled from the cold and was hungry. The hunters courteously seated the stranger at the table, poured her hot soup and tea. The woman began to eat, passing along talking about herself, about her relatives and how recklessly she acted by going to walk alone through the dense forest.

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The older brother listened to this story with genuine interest and nodded, and the younger looked at the woman in disbelief and even suspicion. She could not, in his opinion, do so in a day long way from the nearest village. Seizing the moment, he stepped out huts and looked around at dusk. Really led to their housing trace chain. The young hunter went over them and after some time went right to the bank of the river, which had not yet had time to cover itself with ice. Has a woman crossed the river? In that case, she should have come to them completely wet! ..

Ominous Temptress

Suspicions of the younger brother grew every minute. His remembered the stories that came from the ancestors of the incredibly powerful evil spirits that live in the wilds of the forest and sometimes attack those who without demand rummages in their possession. The young man decided imperceptibly from women tell their brother about this, and only then act on setting.

Returning to the hut, he saw that the elder brother and guest were already uncorked a bottle of alcohol and communicate without hiding the mutual sympathy. This was not surprising, since the man did not was married, and the stranger turned out to be very pretty and, apparently, wanted to reward the owner for the hospitality.

Interrupting their conversation, the younger brother said that he was getting wet outside under the snow their hunting equipment and it should be removed. “So clean it yourself, “the senior reasonably replied and continued to court his the lady. She suddenly threw such a poisonous, obviously non-female, on the youth and even the inhuman glance that that soul had gone to heels.

“Third Extra” went outside again, sorted out with equipment, and when I came back, I realized that communication The couple in love is approaching the intimate finale. When senior brother went outside for little need, the younger one still caught him and told about the tracks leaving the river, about the terrible look of the guest, yes and generally that the story told by the stranger is absolutely implausible. The older brother, who has already managed to get drunk enough, He didn’t believe it, he pressed the younger one to the wall and said: “You will interfere – I’m pointing in the face and throwing it in the cold. ”

A man and a woman fenced off with a screen in the corner of the hut and put out shine. The younger brother imperceptibly loaded the shotgun and laid it to himself under the blanket – before that his piercing gaze of a stranger frightened him. He was going to stay awake, if necessary, to come to help brother, but soon dozed off unnoticed.

Horrible death

At night, the young man woke up from some strange sound. Coals in the stoves were still smoldering, which means that not much time has passed.

The strange sound coming from the corner behind the screen resembled a rattle in half with champing. Understanding nothing, the guy is tense he listened and suddenly caught the stifled groan of his brother. is he grabbed the gun, jumped out of bed and, pulling back the screen, saw a real nightmare.

Black figure, nothing reminiscent of a female, with huge, in half-face with eyes burning yellow fire, bite into the victim’s neck, and the mysterious sound was nothing more than a gnashing of her teeth on her neck vertebrae of the unfortunate. The man only moaned barely audibly.

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The young hunter hesitated for no more than a second. Throwing a shotgun, he almost point blank shot at the “face” of a terrible creature. Rang out piercing screech. The monster jumped off its victim and hissed: “I had to kill you first,” rushed to the exit. Guy released a second charge of shot into his back – and a disgusting creature screeched again. After breaking down the door, it swept into the forest, in the direction to the river.

Left alone with his older brother, the younger tried to him help, but it was too late. The unfortunate head turned out to be almost separate from the body (amazing how he could even publish some sounds), the whole bed was saturated with blood …

Until dawn, a young hunter sat by the dead man, holding the gun is ready, and with the first rays of the sun rushed to his village, where he told what happened. Then he accompanied by fellow villagers came back and took his brother’s body. The hut where the tragedy happened broke. The river near which she stood has since been called Abasy-Yurege, which is translated into Russian means “River of Evil Spirits.” Appearing in its surroundings is strongly advised not in our days.

Snow Time Yakutia

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