Mystical Yakutia: Shaman, even dead, omnipotent

Yakutia is mystical: The shaman, even the dead, is omnipotentPhoto from open sources

The sorcerers of the northern peoples – the shamans – are so powerful that even their graves are considered a place of tremendous power, to which they submit both people and the elements. The one who dares to defile the shaman’s burial, awaiting severe punishment.

Shaman Arangas

From time immemorial Yakut sorcerers were buried in Arangas – hanging on the trees of coffins. Many researchers explain this custom. the deserts of this vast land and its permafrost, in which it is difficult to dig a grave (especially in winter). However, they do not seem to pay attention to the fact that only shamans were buried in Arangas, for the rest of the mortals, there was enough space in the earth.

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However, the remains of the shaman, after their triple burial in coffins (every hundred years), ultimately interred. How did the locals keep track of this? It turns out that the dates of the reburial of the shamans were passed on by their descendants from generation to generation and are strictly enforced. If relatives forgot about their mission, the shaman came to them in a dream with a reminder. Those from the family who opposed the observance of the rite started to get sick or were subjected to all kinds of misfortunes.

Even Orthodoxy, who came to these parts, respected local customs and allowed to bury shamans in Arangas. Them on this endless wilderness can be found today because, as we have already said, the tradition of the northern sorcerer occurs only three hundred years after his death.

The spirit of the shaman against the “all-powerful” NKVD workers

When Soviet power was established in Yakutia, shamanism, like every other form of religion began to be prosecuted, and compliance centuries-old customs of the people – to be infringed. An interesting case on this subject. occurred in the thirties of the last century in the mountainous region (described by professor Vladimir Kondakov, having the title of white shaman).

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The powerful sorcerer Oyuun Monnyogon once lived here. At that the time we are talking about, it’s time to rebury him in new arangas. As expected, the spirit of the shaman began to appear in a dream their descendants and demand to observe the ritual of reburial. is he even reported such a detail: on the right hand of a dead body fell off finger and rolled behind. It must be returned to its place.

Relatives of Monnyogon were confused: with one hand, failure to fulfill the will of the great shaman threatened them with misfortunes, on the other hand, for such actions one could fall under repression Soviet power. As a result, the fear of the power of the sorcerer defeated, and his relatives invited a shaman Omokun for the ceremony. All the event was led by the chairman of the local collective farm and cooperative funds. In the reburial of Oyuun Monnyogon was attended by about a hundred people.

The finger of a dead shaman was actually found under his back and fastened back with the tendon of the stallion chosen for the sacrifice. The sorcerer’s remains were transferred to the new Arangas. Everything was done as ancient custom required, except one: there was no accompanying boy who usually agreed to follow the shaman into the afterlife. Is not Monnyogon liked it, and through Omokuna he began to demand escort – anyone, otherwise threatened to pick up himself Omokuna. Saving the incumbent shaman, seventy-year-old old man Gregory Fedorov, who decided to accompany Monnyogon. He agreed to this a sacrifice and even promised collective farmers to protect them from the anger of employees NKVD, which will soon come with a check.

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Grigory Fedorov died on the same day, although he was still strong old man. And soon an inspector appeared in the village, who unearthed collective farm securities “costs of reburial of the shaman.” It was nonsense; chairman of the cooperative, accountant and several others experts were threatened by a loud process and indefinite hard labor … How suddenly from the republican prosecutor’s office came an order to dismiss for the lack of corpus delicti in it. Local Encounters in perplexedly shrugged, and all Yakuts involved in this business understood: he helped, as promised, Monnyogon …

It is strictly forbidden to desecrate the burial places of shamans!

In the sixties of the last century, another one high-profile event related to the Arangas of the northern sorcerer. Students of Yakutsk University went to excavate the ancient burials. Future archaeologists decided to relax one weekend. on the nearest lake, near which, according to rumors, was air coffin of a shaman.

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Despite the fact that many had vague anxiety, atheistic education took up, and a large part of the group I went to the lake. There the guys swam, played volleyball and, of course, drank vodka, which is why they were immediately drawn to feats, namely – in search of the mysterious grave of the sorcerer.

They found Arangas quickly, although to approach and look no one even ventured into the hop. And scream out loud courage was enough to laugh and throw garbage. Two guys even near the burial place they made a small need.

By night, the walk-up students climbed into the tent and fell asleep. They woke up from a terrible storm that threatened to sweep away their temporary shelter. Suddenly, young people heard how outside the walls of the tent someone walks in a heavy gait. Remoteness from human habitation somehow did not get along with the thought of a lost traveler …

The guys tried to ask who it was, but the answer to their screams not followed. In fear, the boys and girls froze, clinging to each other to a friend. Meanwhile, the wind intensified – and suddenly outside a voice that ordered the guys who defiled the shaman’s grave to go out. Frightened culprits began to resist, but they were literally pushed out outward, realizing that everyone is at risk of death, and therefore it’s wiser to sacrifice small things.

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Having flown out of the tent, the young men did not see anyone and only became witnesses of how the wind uproots grass, bends and breaks trees mercilessly tearing leaves from them … After standing for a while and without waiting for the revenge of the “owner”, the guys decided to return to the rest. And here a real nightmare awaited them: all the students in the tent were dead, a mask of horror froze on their faces.

In a state of deep shock, the guys somehow got to the camp and talked about what happened. The investigation began, and two unfortunate students barely had time from one interrogation to another. Investigators don’t believed them since no storm was recorded that fateful night did not have. Intercession of the local Yakuts, who realized what was happening, suggestive of mysticism, but, as you know, it’s not the point you will sew. From prison students saved only that the examination showed: all their comrades died of a broken heart without surviving horror. However, to find the reason for this horror and especially to explain it materialistically, investigators were powerless. And the case was closed …

How the shaman’s burial was disturbed by aviators

In the last century, in one of the Evenki villages it was decided to build airfield for An-2 aircraft. Learning about this, the local old people dug up that the place for the construction of the runway was chosen unsuccessful, since the shaman’s burial place is nearby. However Soviet atheists – both bosses and ordinary builders – They didn’t listen to anyone, especially since a plan is a plan, a law for execution.

The airfield was built, a celebration was held in honor of its opening, to which the honored guests arrived, the authorities from the republican center. Even children were imprisoned in the first An-2. However, the plane for some reason could not take off: he suddenly stopped, and his motor stalled. All rejoiced that this did not happen in the air, but the locals decided that the shaman simply felt sorry for the minors. And again nobody believed, although the engine of the plane refused at the same time as a breakdown screw – it’s generally hard to imagine! ..

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In the evening of the same day in the river, where even safely dabbled kids, the builder drowned. A few days from peritonitis died another participant in the construction of the runway – a healthy guy who had never complained about anything before. But that too did not alert atheists, who still did not believe in the power of the shaman, whose grave they desecrated.

A month later, another festive takeoff opening was arranged. stripes. And again the An-2 did not take off, although in all respects it was serviceable, and experienced pilots sat in the cockpit. Not a single attempt lift the airplane into the air and was unsuccessful. Only after of this, the bosses became thoughtful: indeed, something here unclean, smacks of mysticism …

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After this, joint efforts of collective farmers and local old people an ancient ritual was held to seek forgiveness from the spirit a shaman for desecrating his grave. The co-op even allocated for donations of a young bull. And what? Troubles right away have stopped.

So, it is not recommended for anyone to disturb shaman burials. This is too dangerous, because the spirit of the shaman of Yakutia remains omnipotent even several centuries after the death of the northern the sorcerer.

Time Aircraft Shamans of Yakutia

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