Mysticism of a burnt house in Kiev

A photo from open sources

The fire in the building occurred on the night of November 21. This was the second a serious fire in this building and the largest in Kiev since the beginning of the year. One of the victims of the fire – sculptor Alla Vysotskaya – says that she felt the approach of trouble a few hours before the fire. – U I had a vision. Before my eyes – excited, frightened people, running with bags … – the woman sighs. – In a few hours that is what happened. I heard a noise and rumble, looked out the window and saw that people were running out of the porch in a panic. Woke her husband grabbed all the most valuable and ran to clatter at the door of the neighbors, to get everyone out of the burning building. Most affected tenants of the first three entrances – their apartments were flooded the most. The attic was completely burned out, 8 apartments were badly damaged. Now in the whole house is turned off water, gas and light. The house on Mazepa street, 3, has interesting story. In the days of Kievan Rus at this place there was a road that connected Ancient Kiev and the residence princes, located near the Lavra. Much later, in the middle of XIX centuries, on this place they built the Nicholas Desert Monastery, which was demolished in the 1930s.

A photo from open sources

– It was decided to build a residential building on the site of the temple for the local military district, – says the historian of Kiev and writer Vitaliy Kovalensky. – Housing was intended for high command. The author of the project was the famous architect Joseph Karakis. A residential building designed by him in 1937 with 13 (!) Entrances had great popularity in Kiev. “House-plane” – so the people of Kiev nicknamed this building. On top of the structure resembles a liner, where clearly looming tail and engines. Some tenants when reporters came to the fire, said that it was the aura of the demolished the monastery takes revenge – in the building every now and then there are different emergency situations. So in in the late 1980s there was already a strong fire in it. – It’s just deja vu some, says the local resident Alla Vysotskaya, who lives here for 30 years. For a prophetic gift, the neighbors call her clairvoyant. – And then, and now I had a vision that in the house something is about to happen. Before the fire, I suddenly felt dizzy, I I saw people running with knots, they scammed, screamed, escaped from the fire …

A photo from open sources

In both cases, the attic caught fire. And then, and now came more than twenty fire fighting vehicles. And again, more than fifty the apartments turned out to be sooty and flooded with water. The roof burned down the walls cracked … But this is an elite area where the total cost affected apartments of at least $ 10 million. According to officials, it will take five months to recover. All this time the tenants will be live in other rooms – some with relatives, some in dormitories, provided by the city. Several families a day were placed in neighboring hotel “Salute”. FIRE VERSIONS Emergencies Laboratory still then establishes the causes of fire. Most likely version Consider a wiring closure in the attic.

Water Fires

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