Mysticism of China. Black bamboo hollow

Mysticism of China. Hollow of black bambooA photo from open sources

Lovers of mysticism and horror films, ready to eat for hours delirium, tickling nerves, do not even imagine that scary places actually exist, not in movies, but in real life. Such terrible places can boast of any state on our planet, these places are called abnormal zones. One such abnormal zones can give odds to any horror movie. Located she is in the heizhu valley in southern China. Heizhu translates to “The hollow of black bamboo.” A lot of people disappeared in this place terrible accidents occur here Only in 1950 here more than a hundred people were lost, in the same year in the anomalous zone the plane crashed, the cause of the accident was not found out. In 1962 in A geological expedition disappeared from the hollow of the black bamboo only the guide survived the group. According to the guide, the expedition only entered the valley, as it was suddenly covered with fog, when the fog was dispelled, there were no more people. Ikhtak was never found, neither living nor dead. 1966 year was marked by the disappearance of a group of military cartographers who visited Valley with the mission of mapping the terrain. After ten years a group of foresters was lost here. Scientists put forward many versions lost people in the Hollow of black bamboo, from the impact on the state health of vapors of rotting plants and to the anomalous zone, which is transition to another world. Despite the hazard warning of this place, and maybe precisely because of this danger, people who do not know What to do on the Internet? They come here and even created their own kind of a tourist area where people come to tickle nerves, where there computer game or horror movie. Everything is real here, real life, real death. Come, you will be scared for real.

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