Namib Desert Riddle

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Mysterious crop circles that year excite the minds of scientists and imagination of lovers of the unknown and inexplicable. No less interest among specialists was caused by lesser known circles in the desert Namib, whose nature could not be explained for more than 30 years no one. Desert that is not quite a desert Photos from open sources

The Namibian desert in our usual view of the desert is not. Except in areas where there is really no other than sand nothing, there are areas covered with dense grass cover. And among this riot of greenery – thousands of bald spots of almost perfectly round shape, diameters from 2 to 15 m, assembled in groups. From the moment they discoveries in 1971, biologists tried to find an explanation this strange phenomenon. Many theories have been advanced. Photos from open sources

Version 1: radioactive contamination According to her in the desert rain fell from radioactive asteroids. First “killed” version same analysis at the South African Bureau of Standards. None of the dozens soil samples taken from the center of the circles were not even found distant signs of radiation. Photos from open sources

Version 2: poisoning the soil with poisonous plants Guilty for the lack of vegetation inside the circles tried to do toxin-producing multiflorous chaff and cactus euphorbia. Say, poisonous plants that once grew at this place poisoned soil and made her dead. During the experiment, a large area The land was seeded by “suspects.” Then they took from the experimental plot land and planted it with seeds of representatives of the local Namibian flora. Seeds have sprouted, and how! Spit and Euphorbia were recognized “innocent.” More versions Photos from open sources

There were versions that circles are just a hoax. But why demonstrate wit in a place from where to the nearest outbreak civilization more than a hundred miles? Tourists do not go here, but for local Aboriginal circles are no mystery. They know exactly what under the earth lives a dragon that burns with its fiery breath from under the ground the roots of plants. Not without aliens, but version that circles are traces of landing UFOs, scientists put in one a series with a version of a dragon living underground Jurgens Version Photos from open sources

German biologist Norbert Djurgens put forward a version, according which the roots of plants are destroyed not by the dragon, but by termites. Deprived vegetation soil passes water that nourishes the vegetation outside the circle. A peculiar ecological system is formed in which for termites there is both water and food. For life only maintain the necessary balance in the system. The version was good, but had one “small” flaw: the American biologist Walter Chinkel, specially traveling to Namibia to test Jurgens’s theory, I did not find any termites in the desert. Search and find! The German scientist parried on the colleague’s charges of “fantasy”: “In Namibia” wrong “termites live and their American “wrong” searched. Search better! “Only the dispute could resolve new expedition. A group of scientists headed to Africa literally started digging the earth, and termites were found. They turned out really “wrong”: sand termites that turn out to be the only insects that lived in the desert were not built classic termite mounds and never came to the surface. So scientists satisfied their curiosity, while nature (to the great dissatisfaction of all lovers of the inexplicable and the unknown) became one less riddle.

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