NASA employees just waved

NASA employees just waved it offA photo open source American Taylor South Carolina Mrs. Davenport took some pictures of the beautiful sunset together with the moon. However, a closer look at the resulting photos, she realized that this is not the moon.

A photo from open sources

An incomprehensible round object in the pictures, with a significant magnification, did not resemble the wonderful satellite of our Earth. Since there were several photos, the American had the opportunity Compare shots and analyze them.

Only after that she asked the staff for clarification. NASA However, their answer was surprisingly categorical: it’s just glare and artifacts of the CCD of your camera.

A photo from open sources

Ms. Davenport was very surprised and disappointed with the answer, since not even a professional is able to understand that the pictures are taken from different points, and the object itself is half covered with clouds – which is it glare? ..

NASA’s moon

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