NASA scientists: almost all children are born geniuses, but get stupid in society

NASA scientists: almost all children are born geniuses, but are stupid in societyA photo from open sources

NASA spokesman George Land made a startling statement. He said that the experts of the American national space agency recently conducted an experiment to identify genius among children. Scientists have developed an innovative test, allowing you to accurately determine mental potential preschoolers. The results were literally shocking. NASA executives, as well as experienced psychologists and parents test children.

The experiment involved 1600 babies aged 4 to 5 years. Boys and girls were offered many tasks to solve which needed to be “discarded blinders”, that is, think outside the box. The experts were perplexed when they saw that with 98% of the subjects successfully completed the tasks. So 1568 of 1600 randomly selected children turned out to be real geniuses. First such an unthinkable figure made people of science doubt their methods, however, after reviewing the test, they realized that everything with him was in perfect order, but something strange is happening with the kids for science‚Ķ

Then the researchers gathered a group of 1,600 15-year-olds and asked the same tasks to them. There were fewer geniuses among teenagers 10%. When adults passed the test, the results were completely depressing: only 2% of them managed to complete all the tasks correctly. Americans thought: why the vast majority of people lose over time the ability to think creatively and non-standard? The answer was found very quickly. It turned out that everything society is guilty, especially traditional educational institutions where children driven into the framework of standards and forced to think straightforwardly, since it is convenient (and even the only possible) for teachers who have lost the ability to think creatively.

A brilliant child continues to live in each of us

It turns out that our entire educational system deprives growing people inherent in each of them is a creative genius. Institutes under the names “school” and “higher education institution” are global “psychological meat grinder,” which makes mentally full-fledged personalities of obedient slaves, strictly obeying established rules. However, not everything is so bad, if you believe the aforementioned George Land. NASA employee explains that anyone two types of thinking are inherent in man, one of which is called divergent, and the other – convergent. And despite any blocks in consciousness, 98% of us remain the same geniuses all our lives, that we were in childhood. We just forgot how to use our the mind in its entirety.

It is divergent, divergent thinking that is given to us with birth. It allows a person to solve problems and tasks. creatively, finding the most optimal and simplest options. Convergent thinking is acquired by man during his life and slows down his creative process. When you follow different paradigms and dogmas, you use crutches called convergent thinking. “It’s a stupid idea … It doesn’t work like that … In the instructions are written differently … For those who have tried before you, nothing happened … “- these are the usual ones in our society statements suppress our ability to think beyond mundane, and transform the world around you in a positive way. Perhaps that is why we are so miserable and live …

NASA’s life

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