Natalia Poklonskaya found in the old picture

Natalia Poklonskaya found in the old picturePhotos from open sources of

Russian correspondent Dmitry Steshin found quite a curious character in one of the paintings of the American Mark Ryden (Mark Ryden). This painting was written in 1999. On him the famous pop surrealist portrayed a woman distinctly similar to Russian state activist Natalya Poklonskaya. So Thus, the journalist – jokingly or not – concluded that the foreign the artist predicted “the arrival of Natalia Vladimirovna’s large politics. ”

A photo from open sources

In other words, Ryden could have foreseen at the end of the past. the millennium that after the events of 2014 Poklonskaya will become Russian politician and will gain great popularity. In social Facebook Steshin called the 37-year-old deputy the Messiah and forerunner. It’s hard to say whether in this picture there is something prophetic, or it’s still a matter of ordinary coincidence, however, Runet users decided to analyze the canvas better.

In his right hand, a character similar to Natalya Vladimirovna holds christian cross. As you know, Poklonskaya is zealous Orthodox Christian. A figure is drawn on a mortar near a woman 18. Maybe next year something will happen in the career of a politician. significant? A hell with a steak, according to some users Internet, symbolized by the United States, which Poklonskaya confronts along with other Russian statesmen.

A photo from open sources

It is also interesting that all this is painted on the background, very reminiscent of Crimea, although Mark Ryden has never been on this peninsula, now Russian, was not, however, placed his heroine in atmosphere very close and dear to Natalia Poklonskaya …

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