Natural anomaly frightened Siberian residents sat

A photo from open sources

Boiling water suddenly started from a 15-meter water well Residents of the village of Polovinny in the Kurgan region are in earnest got excited. In the courtyard of the Shtyrov family from a 15-meter well hot water flowed. And on the street minus 30.

– The fact that the water is hot, we would not have paid attention, if not cows. They suddenly stopped drinking the water pumped from the column, – told “EG” the head of the family Sergei Shtyrov.

– And then I see that the snow around the bucket has melted. Sergey unscrewed thermometer from the window and lowered it into a bucket. – Arrow like on speedometer, immediately went quickly up. We drilled five years ago well, the water was always cold, and here is such an anomaly.

A photo from open sources

The next day, the villagers reached for the Shtyrovs. Someone remembered reading on the internet what was happening the day before earthquakes. To the Ural Mountains, at hand! And similar thermal springs are necessarily accompanied by radon exits – radioactive gas. But there were optimists who predicted the place of Shtyrov’s house is the construction of a thermal spring.

– Sell, Serge, cattle, but the pool is a swarm, you will be vouchers sell, – the villagers joke. Shtyrov decided so far from sin do not drink water. And they are waiting for experts from the mound.


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