Near US Secret Zone 51 formed a “circle of death”

Near US Secret BaseA photo from open sources

A mysterious circle that suddenly formed fifty miles from the famous “Zone-51”, the “circle of death” called ufologists, who discovered it on Google maps. Where did he come from and what is himself presents? Researchers paranormal break now heads and build all kinds of guesses.

A photo from open sources

It’s even amazing that this is a perfectly even circle with a diameter of mile, but it’s also striking that in it even unpretentious does not grow Nevada desert vegetation. Ufologists suggest that this:

  • the landing site of some secret apparatus, perhaps alien, or maybe terrestrial origin;
  • trace left after testing top-secret weapons The pentagon.

Independent researchers cannot say anything for sure, since it’s not possible to get into the circle with measuring equipment seems possible: this area is already blocked by American military, and there is no access even to journalists.

A photo from open sources

Moreover, in this section of the Nevada desert at the moment there is an incomprehensible movement of armored vehicles, as if they were driving her here for some kind of test or, conversely, to prevent some attacks (“friendly encounter” with alien guests).


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