Near “Zone 51” found a huge swastika

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Virtual archaeologists constantly searching on maps “Google” of various anomalies made another interesting finding. This time we are talking about a huge swastika image located not far from the legendary Zone 51 air base in the south US state of Nevada. Although initially the swastika, if we turn to eastern wisdom, was entirely a positive symbol, in this case it may well have attitude to national socialism.

As you know, the secret base of the Americans in the desert “Zone 51” is not indicated on any map of the planet, although on satellite imagery can be seen quite well. This place has highest secrecy, because innovative American planes. However, not everyone believes that the reason secrecy lies only in this. In 1947, thousands witnesses reported seeing a lot unidentified flying objects.

And when in the same year in New Mexico the famous Roswell incident, many ufologists reported that on “Area 51” fragments of a “flying saucer” shot down by the military were delivered and the remains of aliens born on its board. Since base protect more than ever. If you get closer to her, to meet you will certainly go a few black jeeps with armed people inside. And be sure: in case of the slightest need they open fire to defeat.

What can a giant swastika mean near “Zone 51”? It has Does she relate to fascism? Conspiracy theory immediately comes to mind, according to which America did its best to help Hitler succeed in his undertakings, however, when the USSR interfered with the plans of the Third Reich, The United States decided to finish off a failed ally (or rather will say his presumptuous serf). Some specialists report that a spider cross near an American base serves take-off and landing pad for alien aircraft.

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