Netizens counted Mark Zuckerberg reptiloid after testifying in Congress

Netizens considered Mark Zuckerberg a reptilian after testifying in the US Congress.A photo from open sources

The above picture, which depicts an American billionaire Mark Zuckerberg with eyes of unusual color, says: “What the more information I collect, the more I understand what it means be human. “World Wide Web users have long been joking about that the 33-year-old founder of the world’s largest social network is not one of us. However, many seriously believe that this is far from jokes, but true.

Why did congressmen summon Zuckerberg for interrogation?

Such an unusual conspiracy theory has gained a new round April 10 and 11, when the entrepreneur gave live testimony to US Congress regarding the collection of personal information Facebook users and transferring it to third parties. Reason this was a data leak of about 87 million portal users, spilled over into a major scandal. Information illegally seized private English firm “Cambridge Analytica”, engaged in-depth analysis of digital data and developing strategies for political propaganda on the Internet, including social networks.

Hearings lasted for 10 hours, during which Zuckerberg answered questions of American lawmakers. Mark was asked about the political views of Facebook employees, about its monopoly company, about ways to combat the site with calls for hostility and terrorism, about Russia’s alleged interference in US elections, about safety of minor users, about using artificial intelligence and much more. As a result, the billionaire He promised to carry out a number of large-scale changes in the work of the resource and expressed appreciation for the idea of ​​external regulation modern social networks.

A photo from open sources

But where do the reptilians come in?

Many viewers who watched Congressmen’s interrogation of Zuckerberg, regarded the behavior of the businessman as suspicious. During Zuckerberg sat upright like a idol, moved little, answered to senators’ questions as laconic and often as possible looked into the camera with an ominous piercing gaze. He several times showed a cold tight smile, a little like opinion of conspiracy theorists, on the human. And when Mark brought to his mouth a glass of water, he seemed to lick the life-giving moisture, like a lizard, and didn’t drink it like all of us. In other words, his movements seemed to many very strange.

A photo from open sources

Many commentators felt that Zuckerberg is a robot or an alien from another planet, clumsily masquerading as person. A popular conspiracy theory says that among the world wealthy, senior politicians, eminent scientists, as well as large figures of culture and religion are hiding many aliens squatting homo sapiens and secretly controlling humanity. Maybe Zuckerberg is one of them? No wonder Facebook is called a unique tool for collecting and analyzing information about earthlings. The saddest thing is that users voluntarily and knowingly provide their personal data to this resource.

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