Nevada Indians Horror – Devil Hole

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In the southwestern United States in California and Nevada is located Death Valley National Park. The name itself suggests that staying away from this area is advisable as far as possible. In eastern part of the park at the state border there is a place considered the most dangerous and the most mysterious in the Valley. Here is the Devil’s Hole – failure in the earth’s crust. Secrets and mysteries here are reserved for scientists for a hundred years forward.

Native American Horror

The Devil’s Hole was called the cleft by the Indians. According to their beliefs, she leads straight to hell. It is through this hole that the earth comes out the devil to do his most evil deeds. Spend the night in the area of ​​Dyry in no case – the sleeping devil will smell a living soul, rises and takes her.

White people did not believe in Native American horror stories, but very soon made sure that the place is really strange, if not more is dangerous.

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Clinking rocks

The cliffs surrounding the Hole are “musical.” Occasionally they make a sound reminiscent of a bell ringing. Only, unlike from the church, he does not bring peace and tranquility to the soul, but incomprehensible fear and horror. As you move away from the Hole, the effect decreases and disappears. Arriving at the site, scientists tried to find out the reason. mountain chime, but none of the versions were confirmed. Composition rocks, the size of rocks and boulders, wind direction – study of all these parameters did not bring them closer to a solution one iota.

It soon became clear that people being in the immediate proximity to the Hole sometimes lose consciousness. Interested in most A hole. And then surprises fell like a sack.

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Mysteries of the Devil’s Hole

The Hole itself is a 5.5×1.8 m gap, filled with water. The distance to the water mirror is about 90m. “Near” because the distance is constantly fluctuating, and in a pretty significant limits. Mechanism of this interesting natural phenomena are incomprehensible, although a connection is established between the level change water in a crevice with the gravitational impact of the moon.

Found the reason for the strange fainting near the Hole. The reason they were methane emissions from the bottom of the mine. If at this moment is close man – gas poisoning is provided to him. But where in the crevice methane? And why is its appearance on the surface of a character emissions rather than uniform release? Trying to resolve this a riddle, scientists tried to look at the very bottom of the Devil’s Hole. AND here the main surprise was waiting for them. It turned out that failure does not have bottom!

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Bottomless hole

The first attempt yielded nothing. The cable caught on something and broke off. The second attempt also ended. There were rumors that in in the depths lives an animal devouring the descent equipment. Not all the attempts ended so fatally, but the main task is to reach the bottom – never been completed. The hole was bottomless.

In 1999, scientists tried to look at the bottom of the Hole, dropping into her camera. It turned out that at a depth of 80 m. The cave is expanding, and so much that its walls are already not visible. At a depth of 230m. the camera has become swing and circle. (Whirlpool? Animal?) The searchlight went out. At raising the camera recorded a bluish outgoing from the depths glow. Alive organisms? It soon turned out that life in the Hole There really is a devil!

The rarest fish on Earth

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The representative of the living world in the hole was a small fish (1.9 – 2.5 cm.) – the carp-tooth of the Devil’s Hole, living only here. Now, twice a year, scuba divers descend into the crevice and piece by piece (!) count the fish. In 2005, there were 84 of them. IN 2013 – already only 38. In order to save the endangered species repeatedly attempts have been made to colonize other water bodies with similar living conditions, but all attempts ended in failure.

A photo from open sources

Devil Hole Studying Professor, University of Denver D. Roxton says that for every mystery solved, the Nevada failure throws up 2 new ones. How many more are deep in the crevice? Getting ready new expedition. We will wait for the results.

Water Time

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