New Zealand somnambulist girl plays in a dream on the piano

New Zealand somnambulist girl plays the piano in a dreamA photo from open sources

The young citizen of New Zealand gained fame after how the video got on the Internet on which she plays on piano. The performance was completely not virtuoso, but many Web users were thrilled.

The fact is that the twelve-year-old Kiwi Isabelle is somnambulist. The disease manifests itself in the girl so much that she is able to not only unconsciously walk in a dream, but also play a keyboard musical instrument. This amazing a performance filmed a video and put it on the World Wide Web a relative Kiwi.

On the video below, you can see how a girl stands near the piano, leaning his forehead against his lid. Isabelle takes a pair of melodic chords – this suggests that the girl is just is in his living room and plays his favorite musical instrument. However then the camera reveals a face performers, and it becomes clear that the teenager is sleeping. A little later you can even hear Qiwi uttering light snoring.

Parents of the girl say that their daughter attends a musical school, which shows enviable success. A few days ago uncle Isabelle woke up at night from the fact that someone was playing in the living room piano. A surprised relative went downstairs and saw Qiwi, who pressed keys in an unconscious state.

In the mornings, the girl often tells that during such nightly concerts she has dreams associated with music. For example, recently Isabelle dreamed that she speaks with the leader of the legendary British rock band Queen Freddie Mercury.

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