New Zealander photographed a mysterious ghostly mountain

The New Zealander photographed the mysteriousA photo from open sources

New Zealand resident Mark Fordham claims Thursday, 5 April, he managed to photograph a very mysterious phenomenon.

The man says that he and his wife Linda set off in the evening to the supermarket, and on the way back noticed something strange, looking at Taranaki volcano. A massive shadow formed over it. regular conical shape, very similar to a ghost mountain. Spouses stopped and captured the alleged anomaly in the photo.

Many people know the atmospheric phenomenon of Broken ghost. If there is any object between the sun and the clouds, whether it’s a person, a tree, or a mountain, the shadow of an object can thrown onto the clouds, acquiring huge and bizarre outlines. However, this is a completely different case. On the the mysterious image clearly shows that the setting sun was behind the volcano, and for some reason it was “thrown back” there the mysterious shadow of Taranaki. How is this possible, we do not explain condition.

Here is what Mark writes:

I am fond of photography all my conscious life, but I don’t I’ve seen nothing like it before, although I’m constantly shooting mountains. What is it is: mysticism or a rare natural phenomenon? Personally, I have neither the slightest idea of ​​such anomalies, and therefore expose This photo is for the trial of Internet users. Maybe someone knows about this miracle more than mine …

Despite the keen interest in the picture of the New Zealander from the side all kinds of researchers and the ensuing numerous assumptions on this occasion, a rigorous scientific explanation that but it didn’t sound like that. Although, I must say, this the material interested in many paranormal resources, scattered across the Internet with viral speed, and therefore perhaps somewhere among the comments on it you can find the most reasonable definition. But truth, like an eternally elusive time, is always somewhere near and almost always inaccessible to most of us …

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