Nicaraguan villagers are obsessed with evil doll

Residents of Nicaraguan village obsessed with an evil dollPhoto from open sources

In one of the small villages near Nicaraguan the city of Vaspam terrible things began to happen. Locals alone for one they fall prey to violent seizures that accompanied by headache, nausea, a sense of horror and, most scary visions of the devil.

When another villager falls into such an uncontrollable state, he calls the name of some countryman, and after some time he also fell victim to seizures, passing on to his turn obsession with another person. Nicaraguans have already found and presumptive reason for his misfortune.

The whole thing, according to the village elder, is in the doll found by one of children on the side of the road at the entrance to the village. A toy was painted with black crosses and other sinister mystical symbols, so the villagers thought that the doll damned, and evil power dwells in her. The villagers are convinced that a man made a doll and threw it to them in revenge, recently expelled from the village for his bad temper and black deeds.

The toy was soon burned, using sticks placed in a bonfire. This The process can be seen in the video below. Moreover, video shows a couple of miserable obsessed obsessed arms and legs with durable fabric.

It is possible that a mysterious village simply befell an epidemic, so medical scientists have already gone here to find out causes and dangers of the spread of this strange disease. The elders of the village are ready to accept this, however, remaining with his opinion that the misfortune came to their homes through an evil doll, planted by a dark man. Moreover, the spread of this strange “disease” is very mysterious, as explained with scientific point of view, how does the patient know who the attack will go on to, quite difficult. Therefore, the villagers do not really believe that scientists can help them free themselves from the curse that befell them, and therefore will have to look for a strong sorcerer who could destroy Devilish machinations, induced by another (certainly black) magician …


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