Nine-year-old child prodigy from the Netherlands coming soon will receive a diploma of higher education

Nine-year-old child prodigy from the Netherlands will soon receive a diploma of higher educationA photo from open sources

Dutch nine year old boy Laurent Simons completes training at the Technical University of Eindhoven and will be the most young holder of a diploma of higher education in the field electrical engineering.

Just a year ago, Laurent, having IQ 145, entered this University and faster than their classmates mastered the curriculum. The boy has an excellent photographic memory.

The youngest prodigy’s favorite subject is math, since it includes geometry, algebra, and statistics. However a nine-year-old boy wants to connect his future with medicine, becoming heart surgeon. As a schoolboy, he completed a course in the medical faculty University of Amsterdam, and the boy sets his main goal – find a way to extend a person’s life.

Mom Laurent is Dutch and her father is from Belgium. Currently the whole family lives in Holland. According to the boy’s parents, they very early saw the abilities of his child – he is not Interested in toys, but only new knowledge. Laurent like a sponge absorbs new information, while parents do not require it give your life to science.

According to the parents, they will not consider it a problem if their son decides to become a carpenter. It is important for them that the boy be happy.

In December 2019, Laurent will become the owner of a degree. Before present the youngest holder of the diploma is American boy Michael Carney, at ten years old completed his studies at the University of Alabama.

Previously, University of California, Auckland suggested that the intellectual potential of child prodigies as they grow older they are exhausted, and they become the same as everyone people.

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