Norwegian filmed something from a plane window mysterious

The Norwegian filmed something mysterious from a plane window videoA photo from open sources

Norwegian Paul Tengesdal flew May 21 by plane from Oslo when suddenly noticed something amazing outside the window of the airliner. By According to the traveler, among the clouds suddenly appeared mysterious anomaly similar to giant soaring in the air hourglass.

A surprised man hastened to get his smartphone to capture the spectacle that opened to him in the photo. The phenomenon was visible to our hero for about two minutes, then the plane left the cloud zone, and the “luminous clock” disappeared from the Norwegian field of view just as quickly, how did they appear.

A photo from open sources

A snapshot received by Paul has interested many users. The Internet. Some commentators write that it was probably rare halo or some other bizarre atmospheric phenomenon. By opinion of other regulars of the Network, we have before us the result of activities aliens.

Still others say that the blame for the distortion of light in the glass porthole or reflections in the lens of a smartphone (I wonder how the man first noticed these reflections, and then decided to take them off mobile phone? Stable light distortion in porthole for two minutes).

Tengesdal argues: he is not offended by skeptics, because he believes that everyone has the right to their own opinion. By nevertheless, according to the Norwegian, he clearly saw this anomaly for the side of the plane, and this was one of the strangest observations in his of life. A man had never seen anything like it in the sky before, although it flies several times a month. Moreover, this anomaly, Paul believes, somehow influenced his feelings, making you worry very much, why did he even break through the sweat in that moment…

Recall that ufologists, conspiracy theorists and other alternative researchers have recently noted the occurrence in the earth atmosphere of a growing number of various obscure phenomena. Many experts say that our planet passes in the present moment through some important changes. And while talking about Apocalypse, as some “magicians and clairvoyant, “too early, we have to admit that we are with you we live in an interesting time about which the great Russian poet F. Tyutchev said this: blessed is he who visited this world in his fateful moments …

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