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Silver man.

An amazing disease today affects a resident of Kazan Valery Epifanovich Vershinin. March 2, 1973 he was discharged from the hospital after pneumonia. I talked with the attending physician and said a word about his chronic runny nose.

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The doctor advised changing the medicine. Valery Epifanovich On the way home I went to the nearest pharmacy and asked there: No anything from a cold? In the pharmacy he was given baby drops – protargol. Oh, he would know what this potion would bring to in five copecks!

Harmless baby drops provoked the consequences that plunged all in shock: subsequently the very first instillations into the nose, the man became lose the natural color of the skin – she began to acquire a silver-blue a shade that makes him look like an alien from the movies. The hairs on the arms and chest became silvered.

Glancing at himself in the mirror and horrified, Valer rushed along to doctors. Those marveling at the outlandish appearance of an unusual patient, only just shrugged and sent to take tests.

Only after lengthy outpatient examinations an extremely vague diagnosis was made to a silver man: “We have not yet decided on the name of your illness – argeria or argerosis. ” From the word argentum – silver. The fact is that the composition these very drops included nitric acid silver, which the body For some reason Valery did not learn. Doctors assured that not to worry worth: silver is good for health: strengthens the immune system and kills microbes.

View, according to eyewitnesses, Valery Epifanovich really unusual. Gray-blue nose, face – a little lighter. Further by downward, even brighter breasts and completely white legs.

But Valery Epifanovich did not diminish optimism. In fact, Vershinin, never distinguished by good health, after turning blue became a real hero. For thirty-odd years, the flu suffered only three times. This despite the fact that every morning he was drenched in cold water, and to work through the whole town, even in severe frost, getting in one work coat. “It’s still stronger than there, you won’t turn blue! ”- joked Valery. Doctors for several years in a row forced him to undergo various examinations. But the diagnosis constantly remained the same – pathologically healthy.

“I don’t go to doctors – to no avail,” he shares with reporters. Vershinin. – Got it – “blueing” is good for me! I feel for 20 years. I’m definitely exchanging a steward! ”

I don’t see anything.

21-year-old resident of Melbourne Natalie Adler has been suffering for 4 years a disease in which her eyes are open for three days and the next three the days are closed, though so tightly that no effort is capable of them open. Doctors are at a loss, they believe that it is rather total, the only case in the whole world.

Photo from open sources

“On the third day in the evening, something happens, – tells Natalie. – I go to bed in the evening, and I can no longer open eyes. The next morning the same situation. And no man can to give an answer what is happening to me. ”

The girl has already passed more than one hundred examinations, but so far to no avail.

“It started when I was still in school, after I suffered an infection of the sinuses and staphylococcal an infection. One Sunday morning I woke up and felt that my eyelids are swollen. And then everything was only worse. Sometimes my eyes began to close, moreover, completely involuntarily. Through for several weeks they closed for three days, ”continues Natalie.

Royal Eye and Ear Hospital Specialists they say that they’ve never encountered anything like it in their life a phenomenon.

“We cannot make an accurate diagnosis,” he says. Professor Justin O Day. – Miss Adler’s condition has some signs of blepharospasm – an accidental spasm of the eyelid muscle, resulting whose eyes close. But an accurate medical explanation Natalie’s disease is not. For the first time in my entire practice I have been observing a patient with similar cramping intensity and frequency of closure century, especially considering her young age. ”

During the blind days, the girl’s eyes are almost completely closed, only a small click remains on the left eye. When the eyes open completely, they function normally, however sometimes the eyelid of the left eye may close completely.

All the time in the “sighted” period, Natalie has planned out. trying to do as many things as possible while still able to fine see. Unfortunately, not everything can be planned.

“I celebrated my 18th birthday with my eyes closed, but when I 21 years old, they were open, so we arranged grand party! ”says Natalie.

The man who does not eat.

13-year-old Richard Abdel lives in the Egyptian city of Kafr Sakr Latif, who has not eaten or drinks for more than one year. But it is not prevents her from continuing to live as if nothing had happened and feel amazingly. Even her weight loss is not observed.

Photo from open sources

In the past, she caught an allergy, and when she was cured of it, found that she absolutely did not want to eat. The girl looked good no concerns from local doctors and parents caused and for the time being parents to metropolitan specialists do not appealed. But the other day, parents of Riham still decided to find out that for a strange misfortune overcomes their daughter, and turned to the Ministry health care.

Today, a special commission has been created, which includes leading country experts. She will study so unusual phenomenon and will give the final answer to all questions.

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