Not only people, but also domestic ones disappear without a trace animals

Not only people, but also pets disappear without a traceA photo from open sources

Independent researchers claim that the world annually several million people disappear without a trace. Even if to assume that these numbers are somewhat exaggerated, then anyway the main problem remains: where do these unfortunate people go?

Ufologists, for example, are sure that aliens are taking them for some of their goals (these goals can be very diverse, starting from work on aliens and ending with the role of experimental rabbits). But even ufologists almost never talk about that in the world pets also disappear without a trace, in particular, cats and dogs.

True, everything is really much more complicated here, because if if a pet or guard dog disappears, then it, except the owner, hardly anyone will seek, the press will never be interested this “trifle”, and in history such single disappearances never they will not be included in the form of legends, or even in the form of statistics.

It’s quite another thing when dogs or cats start to fade massively. These are just such fantastic cases that prove that aliens or someone else out there but stealing from our world not only people, but also animals.

Mysteriously Missing Dogs

The mass extinction of domestic dogs occurred, for example, in 2013 U.S. Idaho Twin Falls Rural Communities. Animals have become it’s not known how or where to disappear, they seemed to dissolve in the air, because no trace was left. So version that on dogs wild animals attack, say coyotes, didn’t explain what the owners could not find even the slightest clue for such an explanation. Moreover, the dogs disappeared from chains, from aviaries and even from home. It seemed mysterious and incomprehensible to those who needed so much various dogs and why is this thief so elusive?

A photo from open sources

In 2015, something similar happened in St. Lawrence County again. same American state of New York. Police who were notified by local residents about the mass abduction of dogs, was at a loss: animals disappeared from locked yards, and one shepherd even somehow “evaporated” from a strong and reliable collar, planted on powerful chain. And while again, no one saw anything: mysticism, and only …

The same year in Pennsylvania USA in the city of Reading about sixty little small dogs disappeared without a trace. AND again, who and how could kidnap them so fantastically that the owners could not even notice the thief? And again – not a single missing the animal was never found …

Mysteriously Missing Cats

Cats also disappear en masse. So, in 2014, this happened in Canadian city of Guelph. At some point, the purr began to fade like that it’s a lot that there are even signs on the streets: “A dangerous area for cats, don’t leave them unattended. ”

A photo from open sources

In this case, out of many dozens of missing domestic cats only three were found, and then, as they say, partially, for example, severed head. Experts immediately made the assumption that in in this case, they apparently “connected” to the mysterious kidnappers adolescents always striving to stand out at least in some way and become famous.

It is surprising that the mysterious disappearance of cats in Canada stopped as suddenly as they started, as if someone had chosen he needed the number of pets and put on this bold the night.

A photo from open sources

And although we have considered only a few cases in this article, with the freshest and most related to North America like incidents could occur in other countries and regions. Simply few people pay attention to this, since even massive disappearances are not widely covered in the media. With one parties, authorities are interested in such a “garbage” of the hut was not taken out, on the other – any investigations stretched over months and even years, attract little journalists. It as regards people. As for cats and dogs, here, as they say, there is noise there’s nothing to raise, especially considering that besides mysticism and ufology “stick” to such disappearances is nothing it turns out …

Cats Dogs USA

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