Now a mysterious drawing on a grain field appeared in Switzerland

Now a mysterious drawing on a grain field has appeared in SwitzerlandA photo from open sources

There are no assumptions about how mysterious “circles” appear in grain fields, that is, drawings, clearly made using some unusual technology. The thing is, that none of the farmers or peasants had “caught the hand” mysterious artists, as crop circles appear somehow by chance, as if they are “drawn” at night or they “appear” on the field almost instantly, at least unnoticed by humans.

Another such fantastic drawing appeared the other day in Switzerland on a farmer’s field Hans-Rudolf Weider that resides in the commune of Buren-on-Aare. Hans at first thought that the ears were taken by the wind, but coming closer and having studied the pattern on the corn field more thoroughly, I realized: it’s clearly neither wind nor rain they could, but hooligans will not trample crops like that: too artistic done, and in technology – almost filigree.

The farmer took a drawing from above using a drone and posted this a work of field art on the social network Facebook, specifying that the mysterious artist caused him a loss in the corn crop about a thousand francs. And not to mention the guests, which will certainly appear on the field and trample a good “thousand francs. ”

A photo from open sources

And again, a debate broke out on the Internet: who leaves these crop circles? For example, the famous ufologist from Taiwan Scott Waring even agreed to the fact that aliens from their underground bases that are supposedly hidden at a depth of at least five kilometers. That’s just how they “draw” it all, sensational paranormal researcher to explain intelligently I couldn’t, having already assumed something completely unbelievable: this UFO landing site, which, they say, goes underground, leaving here such a “talking” track.

Even the statement of the British “inventor” Roland Bajon, who stated at the time that his team could create such circles by the power of thought, it seems more convincing than Waring’s assumption. True, Bedzhon never showed scientists what he claimed paranormal abilities of their guys, it’s not beyond talking gone.

With all this, crop circles have been fixed by people for many centuries, to for example, there is written evidence that in 1678 in English county in Hertfordshire at one of the farms a “mowing devil” appeared, leaving mysterious drawings in the margins. There were other similar phenomena in those ancient times. And if then all this was attributed to evil spirits, today today most often aliens. And the truth, as always, is somewhere nearby, only by the tail for some reason – well, there’s no way to catch her …

Scott Waring Artists

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