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Radiation. Most of us mistakenly believe that she appeared only due to human activities. This is not true. Radiation has always existed. According to some theories, thanks she had life on our planet.

However, in large doses, it is not just dangerous – radiation fatal to all living things! According to researchers, she’s already destroyed several civilizations that lived long before us.

The enemy is impossible to know in person

To begin with a small educational program. The definition of radiation falls any type of radiation: infrared (thermal), ultraviolet (solar radiation), visible light radiation. But only one view – ionizing radiation – carries a serious danger, intruding any matter in its path, ionizing and thereby destroying it. Ionizing radiation knows no obstacles: neither concrete, nor iron, nor other material cannot restrain its distribution. Exactly therefore, a high radioactive background is so dangerous – from him not hide or hide.

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Radiation is everywhere. We literally bathe in it from birth to the very death, and even ourselves radiate it. The most grandiose source radiation – the sun. Our luminary is actually gigantic H-bomb. It emits not only photons in a wide range, but also the mass of ions, as well as gamma radiation. Astronauts it is well known. From the radiation coming from our star, not in forces to protect even the thick walls of the spacecraft. This one from the reasons why astronauts sew special protective costumes.

Up to 14% of radiation penetrates Earth from space. And even ozone a layer designed to protect against radiation does not quite cope with their task. In addition, as we know, it has the property of being time to thin out and collapse.

Atom Kul

The first nuclear explosion in the USSR was carried out 29 August 1949, the last – October 24, 1990. Program Nuclear testing lasted 41 years 1 month 26 days. During this time 715 nuclear explosions, both peaceful and military. The power of detonated charges corresponds to several tens of thousands of bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The first bomb was blown up at the Semipalatinsk test site, the latter – at the North testing ground Novaya Zemlya.

Both polygons got about the same amount test. However, the Semipalatinsk test site is considered more populated. At 500 kilometers from it is Barnaul, at 250 – Pavlodar, Eki-Bastuz and Karaganda, 60 kilometers – the city of scientists Kurchatov. And in 1954, 80 kilometers from Semipalatinsk was founded and the city of Chagan.

But these are far from all “neoplasms”! In 1965 in the area Semipalatinsk test site was artificially created Lake Chagan. Before that, a small well was laid in the channel of the Chaganka River 170 kiloton thermonuclear charge. In the early morning of January 15, 1965 years, the earth swung sharply and stood on its hind legs. Laid down in depth the charge – nine Hiroshima – turned the soil.

Lake Chagan

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Boulders weighing about a ton scattered over 8 kilometers. Dust the cloud covered the horizon for several days. Few nights in a row the sky glowed with a crimson glow. At the scene of the explosion funnel with a diameter of about 500 and a depth of 100 meters with melted obsidian edges. The amount of bulk around the funnel reached 40 meters.

The official report, declassified recently, was it is written:

“Immediately after the explosion, the dome of the fragmented soil. 2-5 seconds after the explosion, a breakthrough was noted hot gases, and the formation of a cloud began, which stabilized after five minutes at an altitude of 4,800 meters. The crushed part of the soil, reaching a maximum height equal to 950 meters, began to sink … After the underground tests codenamed “Chagan” for radioactive contamination the territory of 11 settlements with a total population 2,000 inhabitants … ”

The level of gamma radiation at the edges of the funnel by the end of the first day amounted to 30 R / h, after 10 days fell to 1 R / h, and currently is 2,000-3,000 μR / h (the natural radioactive background of this terrain – 15-30 μR / h).

Thus began the program “Peaceful Atom” in the USSR. And at this time Soviet newspapers wrote: “As a result, the beautiful Chagan Lake with clear clear water. The terrain has transformed. On the on the shore we found large transparent gypsum crystals that were opened by an explosion … An event happened that they had been waiting for. The heat was usual for these places. People were languishing. True, on the shore it was a little cooler, but how beckoned this serene water expanse! Truly, the elbow is close, but you won’t bite … Finally, the doctors gave “good”, and all the inhabitants of the village ran to the beach. Swam for a long time from the heart … “Soviet journalists were able to embellish actuality! In reality, everything was different.

Lake Chagan

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Scientists understood: if the flood waters carried away into the Irtysh River huge dispersed radioactive dust over a large area Siberian water artery will be infected for a long time, which will bring irreparable damage. Back in January, it was decided: to punch in the wall the crater channel and block the channel of the Chaganka river with an earthen dam so that not to let the deadly water into the Irtysh and create a lake in the crater.

Here is how one of its participants described the events of those days, Vladimir Vasilyevich Zhirov, at that time a master in the “postal box “:” In January, moved from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Semipalatinsk, and from there – to the place of the explosion. The boardwalk is located five kilometers from the epicenter. In the booths – an iron stove-potbelly stove, but forty degrees below zero took their toll. The place of the explosion is monstrous, it’s fear of God. He went there – blood poured out his nose, and a throat as an emery scraper. “Petal” pulled off his face – clothes in blood, suffocating, and I have to go. They worked honestly, did not spare themselves. One bulldozer saving the car, he dived into the atomic water with a cable. The bulldozer saved, and he after a short time he died. I came out of the ashes with chronic awards – nosebleeds, pancreatic disease, bronchitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis … Of the 300 liquidators alive less than 30 people left. ”

But the liquidators coped with the task. Many at the cost of own life. So in the Kazakhstan steppes appeared a never-ending lake with a depth of 100 meters and a diameter of 450. Local they call it Atom-Kul – an atomic lake. If you look at Chagan with bird’s eye view, it amazes with its regular shapes. Nature creates such extremely rarely. But as a result of atomic the explosions are precisely such lakes that turn out – even and tidy.

From the media: “Since radiobiology in those days was in infancy, acted mainly by the method of “scientific poke. “That is, over the years, the lake has been randomly populated species uncharacteristic of the local flora and fauna. Biologists hoped that with a wide variety of material being studied, they find the most mutagenic to residual radiation body.

Since the end of the 60s, the experimental biological station on Atom-Kola conducted a series of experiments to study the effects of residual radiation to living organisms. For several years in the lake 36 species of fish were populated (including even Amazonian piranhas), 27 species of mollusks, 32 species of amphibians, 11 species of reptiles, 8 mammalian species, 42 invertebrate species and almost 150 species plants, including algae.

Almost all of these species were uncharacteristic of the local fauna, and 90% organisms died. Abnormalities noted in survivors the number of mutations and changes in the appearance of offspring. Biologists noted an abnormal number of mutations, sharp changes in the external the type and nature of species behavior.

So, the well-known common carp in Chagan Lake is a typical predator, and conventional freshwater cancer has increased tremendously in size, becoming more like your ocean counterpart – big yellow lobster. Many genetically related species gave birth to joint offspring, and, conversely, other populations followed different paths of development, giving species that are completely different neither from each other nor from their own ancestors. ”

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Round like a saucer

In 1971, in the middle of a forest in the area of ​​the Pechora canal – Kama appeared perfectly round lake. Similar strange ponds in the territory of the former USSR, not one or two. Their origin as usually foggy. Most often they are called karst lakes. However, such lakes often form not only in places composed of from water soluble rocks. Take Dead Lake 20 kilometers from Penza. Not only is it absolutely round, it also spilled in the middle of peat bogs.

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There is a version that Dead Lake appeared as a result of peat mining. If so, then the peat miners were not just wonderful designers who managed to turn the banal quarry in the geometrically correct hollow, but also carefully fence the lake with a high tree. This mound supposedly protects the pond from erosion of peat, but in reality resembles the ejection of soil from funnels of a nuclear explosion. At the Dead Lake, which is free spread out in the middle of the Penza forest, there are twin brothers: Chertovo Lake, Shaitan Lake, Adovo Lake, numerous funnel lakes in Kirov region.

Curious Chukhloma lake in the Kostroma region. Its diameter is about 10 kilometers. This could be formed in the result of a powerful air nuclear explosion, probably more 100 mt The epicenter was supposed to be located a few kilometers above the surface. Under such conditions, the shock wave presses the soil tens of meters deep, but its release does not occur. This kind explosions are used to destroy ground targets and people on a large territory with a radius of the order of 1,000-2,000 kilometers.

Chukhloma lake (in winter)

Photo from open sources

In the territory of the former USSR, there are a huge number such reservoirs. Some, like Lake Chagan, are unsuitable for life. Local Kazakhs, having seen sellers from the Semipalatinsk market with meter carp, bypass them. They know something: they are carp, similar to sharks, are found only in one body of water – in the Atomic Lake, contaminated by radiation to this day. But other lakes, such as, for example, Chukhlomsky, do not pose a danger to either man or for fish.

Assuming that such lakes were formed as a result of nuclear explosion, then it should have happened a long time ago. AND indeed, many scientists are inclined to think that the Earth is already underwent a nuclear explosion, which killed everything living, including man. The planet took several million years to recover from this shock. There is an opinion that the ancient Sumerian civilization perished because of the Sumerian cities dropped nuclear bombs.

Here is how this catastrophe is described on ancient clay tablets: “Sumer suffered a great disaster, a huge hurricane that came no one knew where, dared the city, after which a fiery wind rose. The sun did not shine during the day, and the moon did not shine at night, it was not visible stars. Air became poisoned, plants did not grow, cities of steel empty and uninhabited. ”

A similar picture is painted by archaeologists conducting excavations in India so called harappa culture. According to scientists, the ancients could die several thousand years ago … from a nuclear explosion. The Englishman D. Davenport has devoted more than one year to the study of the ancient civilization. In 1996, he made a sensational statement saying that the center of Harappan culture was destroyed about 2,000 years before AD as a result of a nuclear explosion.

Ionizing radiation results from radioactive decay of the nuclei of certain elements and, depending on the particles, its components, is divided into two types: short-wave electromagnetic radiation (x-rays, gamma radiation) and particle radiation, which is a stream of particles (alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), neutrons, protons, heavy ions and others). The most common are alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays.

Ancient Indian scriptures mention more than 94 types of nuclear weapons called brahmahstra. In order to bring him in action, it was enough to read a special mantra. Mention this can also be found in the ancient epic Mahabharata.

The Buryats, Khakasses, Evenks and Tuvans have legends, narrating about Zolmon – the master of Venus. While in heaven, he could cause war on Earth – dropping bombs on our planet. AND there are no such myths. What is behind them, scientists only to find out. But if from ancient civilizations there is little left, then they will be helped by a perfectly round lake.


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