“Obsessed” motorbike started up on its own and crashed into a car

A photo from open sources

On one of the streets of an unknown Chinese city a couple of days ago a mysterious event occurred in the lens of an outdoor camera observations. An unclosed motorized cart without a driver, at first calmly standing on the sidewalk, the engine suddenly started, and empty a tricycle with a trailer drove on its own on the roadway the part where, as if on purpose (deliberately), crashed into a passing in this moment is a car.

Having provoked a small accident, pedicab drove a few more meters on the road, and then began to turn back, as if in the desire to “finish off” the white car (apparently, somehow it doesn’t I liked it). An eyewitness to this unusual incident ran to a “frantic” vehicle and may have stopped it. Unfortunately, on this record that came to reporters (you can see below) breaks off, and the further fate of the cart and disassembling it with a car remains a mystery to us. According to the message Chinese media, law enforcement drew up a protocol and started traffic accident investigation.

When the video hit the World Wide Web, many users The networks thought that a certain spirit had infused the motorcycle, which made him move spontaneously. Messages about transport, obsessed with supernatural powers, come from the 18th century, when the first steam cars were invented. And nowadays, when the planet was literally flooded with a variety of transport means, poltergeists and other natives of the subtle world for sure should get into cars even more often than we think. Not accidentally, there are many accidents on the roads in which drivers swear and even swear that it’s not their fault, simply, they say, transport means as if crazy. Unfortunately unfortunate workers law enforcement authorities do not take such an explanation in Attention…

What do you think could happen with a motorized cart? Mystic or something rationalizable?


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