Obsessed with winds-spirits

In 1977, the Moscow publishing house “Nauka” published tiny edition in a series dedicated to ethnographic research, thin booklet G. Saedi “Obsessed with the winds.” Book was published in Russian translated from Persian. Author of this work is a professional ethnographer, professor from Iran. In the scientific commentary accompanying the work, it is reported that in fact the book is called “Obsessed winds-spirits. “Clarification about the” spirits “was removed from the cover books, it should be understood, by Soviet censorship. Obsessed with winds-spiritsA photo from open sources Residents of the southern coast of Iran living on the shores of the Persian Gulf, regularly communicate with some local perfume, says G. Saedi. Contact with the mysterious invisible creatures occur only in a given area! Nowhere else in Iran itself, as well as in neighboring countries, nothing like it not visible. “Ahl-e hava”, that is, “possessed by the wind-spirit”, – so on the shore of the Persian Gulf they call in common people, captured by one of the winds-spirits. And winds-spirits are called all the mysterious, powerful, witching powers are here, existing everywhere and dominating, according to local residents, over all human race. Not a single person, not a single power is able to resist them. In comparison with winds-spirits, man is so insignificant and helpless that he has to please the spirits, to bring sacrifice them and surrender to their mercy. Spirit winds are cruel – and everyone is trying to get rid of such winds. But they are also good – and there are people who voluntarily agree to submit to them. The winds dwell everywhere: both at sea and on land. They always demand themselves in sacrifice the human body. The victims are destitute and tired soul. There are many wind spirits where fear and anxiety are strong! In places where poverty and unemployment are prevalent, spirit power especially great. It is believed that all the possessed carry winds are spirits, and therefore they are called “saddled.” Winds of perfume arrive from distant lands, from foreign shores and most often from distant coast of Black Africa, local residents say. In their opinion, Indian and Persian spirits, although scary, do not go to any comparison with huge black-chilled winds-spirits African coast … In the south of Iran many species “inhabit” wind-spirits. For several centuries, the natives of the southern coast Iran believe in these winds and suffer from them, but for deliverance enjoy various witchcraft rites. Here is the quintessence local beliefs recorded by G. Saedi from the words of the local people professional sorcerers: “Winds-spirits are forces that own everything the world. If a person captured by one of the winds escapes out of his power alive and healthy, he becomes a member of the clan “ahl-e hava”, that is, obsessed with winds-spirits who defeated these spirits. Winds-spirits do not look in any way. They are the winds obsession, air, “pieces” of living thinking air … Spirit by named Zar is just such a special air, and a spirit named Noban is also nothing more than a special air, “a wisp of a thinking wind.” If he enters the human body, it takes away his health. And no one but local sorcerers called “woman” and “mother” will not be able to cure sick. “Thus, the winds-spirits are ailments against which conventional medical devices are powerless. The only kind of them treatments are special rituals that have existed among many centuries residents of the coast, fishermen. Most of all, winds-spirits love young people, because they are physically stronger and can carry spirits on themselves. At the same time, young people, despite their strength and energy youths are weaker in front of spirits than children and old people. All “thinking winds” are contagious and can pass from person to person. If one person is very fond of another, then he can pass him your wind or take yourself its wind. For the so-called “descent” and pacification of a particular spirit “woman” and “mother” conduct special gatherings and rituals called “games”. Only with the help of “games” it is possible to expel a certain wind-spirit from the body sick, and the person is completely freed from the power of the “thinking wind. “During the” game “are performed only those rituals that the wind personally requires a bunch of organizers in exchange for the human body that he will have to leave. “Before you begin the “game” of the patient is immersed by local sorcerers in hypnosis. He is not aware of his condition, and soon from his throat begins to sound someone else’s voice, completely unlike the voice of the patient. it the wind-spirit, who “saddled” a person, begins to speak. Sorcerers immediately enter into negotiations with the spirit. They ask him what he wants how to propitiate him. In the presence numerous witnesses spirit answers questions. However he never answers in the native language of the person “saddled” by him! is he answers in Arabic, Hindi or Swahili, although he himself is “saddled” categorically does not know, as a rule, these languages. A photo from open sources So professional sorcerers perforce have to be polyglot, otherwise they do not understand from the speeches of spirits. Let me give you a fairly typical example. the expulsion of the evil spirit of Zara from man. One evening, a young man Muhammad suddenly felt that someone had climbed into his body and wants to cut off his head. In horror, he began to emit piercing screams. The next day, this sensation intensified. Muhammad fled from at home, climbed onto the roof of the ruins of an ancient fortress and set to work there scream and howl. I had to firmly tie him hand and foot the rope. No one doubted that he instilled in a young man wind-spirit. Baba Ahmad, a professional sorcerer, undertook to cure Muhammad. Acting no worse than modern hypnotists, he vividly hypnotized the “saddled.” A few minutes later there came a strange voice from the patient’s throat, speaking in Swahili – a language that the uneducated young fisherman Muhammad did not know. The wind spirit introduced itself, calling itself Zar. The sorcerer asked: – Why did you attack this young man? What do you want? Zar replied: – I want something what is owed to me. – And what is owed to you? – asked “woman”. – I want a bamboo stick, I want a bracelet, a gold ring, – began to list Zar. “What else do you want?” – Silk shirt. – A what else do you want? – I want to feast three days and three nights, – followed by an answer. “Anything else you want?” – continued to interrogate the sorcerer. – Fifteen days of fun. – Well, and what else do you want – I want food and blood. I don’t want anything else. Witch said: – If you will not torture this young man anymore, we are ready give you everything you ask. On the same day, the “game with refreshment “ordered by Zar. The objects were presented to the Spirit, which he demanded. For fifteen days, people beat the drums. On the the fifteenth day the sorceress “woman” asked: – Enough of the game with you? Zar replied: – I am satisfied. After the expulsion of the spirit Baba Ahmad declared that the wind-spirit will no longer torment Muhammad, but only exactly one year later it is necessary to take at the same time Muhammad to another powerful sorcerer named Baba Saleh so that he spent another game – so to speak, “for prevention”. Procedure exile bore fruit. The young man fully recovered. He became live and work like everyone else. After exactly one year, Muhammad even and did not think that it would be necessary to fulfill the desire of the local sorcerer – go to a “preventive hypnosis session” to another the terrain to another mighty sorcerer … Soon he began to sense heaviness in the whole body, and then his left side was paralyzed and he lost the ability to move. Baba Saleh, to whom he was in a hurry a suddenly paralyzed young man was delivered, at a pace hypnotized him – “made the spirit descend.” When he “condescended”, the sorcerer asked: – Why are you torturing this young man again? Zar answered: – He forgot us, he did not thank us. We want to destroy him! Witch objected: – He’s almost a child, a little thoughtless … It will be a pity if will die young … Baba-Salekh spent three days “game”. Witch found that two evil spirits were sitting in the body of the young man. Both of them talked to the sorcerer in Arabic. And this language, too, like Swahili, the uneducated Muhammad did not know. But the Arabic language knew perfectly the winds-spirits that “saddled” him. Second procedure expulsion of spirits, carried out this time not by Baba-Ahmad, but Babby-Saleh ended as successfully as the first. Young man recovered: paralysis completely disappeared. From this day Muhammad felt great.

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