“Obsessed” woman crawls on an Indian wall the hospital

A photo from open sources

Near the hospital Sanjivan in the Indian city of Mumbai captured a mysterious and frightening phenomenon. Around three in the morning, random eyewitnesses suddenly saw a woman who was crawling on a sheer the wall of the building.

The sinister stranger had long black hair and was clothed in a light white outfit. One of the witnesses of such a surreal I hastened to get a picture of the phone and capture what I saw in the video. The author of the video below is convinced that this was one of hospital patients obsessed with evil forces. However his friend believes that this is not a woman at all, but the most real ghost.

One thing is for sure: the human figure in the video moves unnaturally, and even assuming that before us any athlete, it’s still doubtful that she could so easy to climb up. True, something like a person can commit during somnambulistic sleep. Sleepwalking – not at all end understood by scientists phenomenon. It’s like with a zipper: a water mechanism it is clear, and why and how this happens is not clear. And lunatics at this can easily walk on narrow ledges, jump monstrous spans between houses (almost fly) and much more. Therefore, there is nothing surprising if the video the woman is really just in a position somnambulistic sleep …

Some Internet users (among skeptics) suggest that the woman or man in the wig was raised with a cable. Other inveterate materialists say that the record is inverted, and actually a mysterious character the roller did not climb the wall, but descended from it.

Such theories also have a right to exist, but not forget that obsession is also real a phenomenon, not to mention sleepwalking …

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