Occurs periodically on the Russian lake mysterious island

A mysterious island periodically appears on the Russian lakeA photo from open sources

If you ask the residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region, which of these the most mystical place, then many will point you to Lake Maloe Plotovo, located in the Vorotynsky district. About this pond there are numerous legends, and all of them relate to the mysterious and very dangerous island, which from time to time arises in the center lakes, invariably attracting people.

The first of these myths dates back to the seventeenth century. Already then local residents considered Maloe Plotovo a damned place and bypassed him. They didn’t catch fish here, didn’t do laundry and did not swim. However, one peasant who in all this I didn’t believe the devilry too much, I decided to somehow approach the lake and see what caused such superstition.

Once on the shore, he saw in the middle of a pond a small island covered with grass, shrubs and trees. It could be to think that he always stood here. Daredevil undressed and swam there, and soon returned, receiving terrible injuries. With difficulties reaching his village, he told his fellow villagers that on something unimaginable is happening on the lake island: heard heartbreaking screams and screams, rushing in different directions of the shadow, strange lights sparkle.

A photo from open sources

Not even a day had passed before the peasant died from mysterious injuries, which he received on the damned island. Villagers carefully approached the lake to personally see a terrible place, however there was no island on the water.

The second victim of a mysterious island

Another equally famous incident occurred less than a century. back in 1939. Employee of the Mikhailovsky fishing industry farm Kochurov went to the island to collect strawberries, and sailed back with such as severe mutilations as the legendary peasant. Before death he also talked about the devilry happening on this mystical plot of land in Maly Plotovoy. The foreman of the fishing industry even wrote to his brother a letter in which he spoke in detail about what had happened – about a mysterious island that does not arise in front of everyone and disappears in the same strange way. This message was made public after the study of the lake experts in the field of paranormal phenomena.

Some experts believe that the island arises from parallel measurements and temporarily sends there all who step not him. Others are convinced that everything is poisonous. gases that cause severe hallucinations in people. More skeptical researchers suggest that we are talking about optical illusion, and from far away many people across the island often take a piece of land bulging into the water on the other side. Here just why daredevils going to this mysterious island, return from there crippled and soon die? ..

Water Island Time

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