Of course, you will not find the truth here …

Of course, you will not find the truth here ...A photo from open sources

It turns out even the most kind-hearted and law-abiding psychologists can process a person so that he believes in supposedly crimes committed by him.

Journal of Psychological Science published information on an experiment recently conducted by British psychologists. It turned out: experts learned how to manipulate consciousness a person who can make you believe the worst crime, as if committed by him. Moreover, participating in experiment people were even willing to describe the details of their “atrocities.”

The study involved 60 students who had never before did not break the law. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, psychologists told students about theft, fights, armed attack … In these fictitious stories they skillfully woven real details from the life of the experiment participants that were received from conversations with their parents. After some time, the students themselves smartly retold stories about their criminal adventures.

The researcher Julia Shaw says that experiment showed how to create false memories, for example, when dealing with the police. Enough for him toss up a series of fictional details in the background events that happened – and not only will he believe in his crime, but also complement it with new details.

By the way, this is a property of a person (to ascribe to himself what is with him and was not) playing a nasty joke with us literally in all areas of life. For this reason, for example, memoirs and memories celebrities are literally full of facts that did not exist and will not be could. And in vain then eyewitnesses of certain events try get to the bottom of the truth: when you consider that they might already have something think up for yourself, then, as Sergei once figuratively said Yesenin, of course, you will not find the truth here …

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