Off the coast of Greece noticed new mysterious circles under water

Off the coast of Greece noticed new mysterious circles under waterA photo from open sources

Not so long ago we wrote that virtual archaeologists found incomprehensible off the coast of the Greek city of Thessaloniki round object, viewing satellite photos of this area. An ideal 75-meter-wide circle in which it also ended up inscribed smaller 26-meter drive, located at a depth of 20 meters and makes a rather surreal impression.

Of course, many users of the World Wide Web immediately declared then that before us is a classic “flying saucer” aliens with hemispherical turret. But an already mysterious incident gained a new round today, when researchers noticed the other day There are six other similar structures in the Gulf of Thermaikos.

According to the authors of an amazing find, the Aegean Sea, according to apparently, stores a great many such coastal anomalies. Obviously, nature could not create so many identical in diameter of perfectly even geometric formations, i.e. skeptic hypotheses about submarine volcanoes and bizarre clusters algae do not stand up to criticism. And what do you think opinion, the nature of these objects?


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