Oklahoma has a place where weird sound is transformed

There's a place in Oklahoma where the sound is strangely transformed.A photo from open sources

In a busy part of the American city of Tulsa, Oklahoma there is a mysterious attraction called “Center Universe “, where the sound is transformed in an incomprehensible way.

It’s about a small concrete circle with a diameter of 76 centimeters per the pedestrian part of the street inside the larger brick circle in 13 rows. Visually it’s unremarkable a place constantly painted by teenagers, but the point is not this one. Here you need not to look, but to talk and listen. The thing is, that the “Center of the Universe” has a little-known, but very curious and inexplicable property. It has a strange acoustic phenomenon: if you stand in the center of the attraction and, turning face in any direction, say something, shout out or just clap your hands, then the sound will return to you with a delay and much louder, as if you are standing not in the middle of the street, but in echo chamber or whispering gallery. Some tourists seriously they get scared when they first experience an incredible effect on themselves.

A photo from open sources

The urban legend says that right under the concrete circle is buried the whole fog horn is one of those huge metal sirens which previously supplied beacons for sound navigation of ships in time haze at sea. This may be an exaggeration, however your voice really will be extremely distorted if you become in a circle and say something. Many people don’t even recognize their voices, therefore come to confusion and even fear.

According to another, mystical, urban myth, this place cursed and sucks life energy from a person, and the best the way to give them to otherworldly forces is to stand in the center sights at night and make any sound. Local children often scare each other by the “Center of the Universe” and cause a dispute in dark time ominous echo.

It is known that the concrete-brick mysterious circle appeared in Tulsa in the 80s of the last century, when nearby was renovated after fire span bridge. Only after a couple of years, the townspeople accidentally discovered an amazing acoustic anomaly. Scientists and architects are still wondering, accidentally or on purpose builders created such an effect here. And most importantly, how did they succeed? For all this time, experts did not manage to unravel the secret of the “Center Of the Universe. “Or maybe the builders are not at fault for this? But then Who?..


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