Ominous trumpet heard in Argentina

An ominous trumpet heard in ArgentinaPhotos from open sources of

Residents of the cities of Neuquen and Chipolleti in the Argentinean Patagonia woke up on the night of June 9th from loud inexplicable sounds, reaching out from nowhere. By including the following video recording, you can hear this mysterious sinister rumble yourself, although he recorded on the video quite quietly – the operator admits which, unfortunately, was far from the epicenter of sound.

A strange trumpet resembling the cries of elephants woke more than one a hundred Argentines. Due to the fact that no proboscis animals there isn’t and couldn’t be, frightened townspeople didn’t know that and to think. Locals report on social networks that “creepy, chilling cries “were heard at about 2 in the morning. Some eyewitnesses suggest that loud sounds caused garbage trucks plying the streets in the dark. Someone believes this is a screech of brakes issued by street cars racers. There were also those who claim that everything became the fault unidentified flying object that was seen above Chipolleti this at night. Like, the sources of noise were working engines “flying plates of “aliens.

However, how to explain that mysterious trumpeting is this ominous roar heard in many, including opposing, points Neuquen province with an area of ​​over 94 thousand square kilometers? Was there really a lot of UFOs? And about the inconsistency of theories with garbage trucks and racing cars do not say at all. Religious people consider that it was a certain sign from above – not without reason trumpet sounds with Heaven heard in recent years in various countries of the world. Finally, hypotheses about secret experimental weapons are put forward, about some meteorological phenomenon, as well as about awakening in the ocean colossal monster (the last assumption is also very doubtful).

It is noteworthy that a year ago, residents of General Rock, located near Chipolleti, heard from the outskirts loud explosions. The authorities of the local mining company claimed that noise had nothing to do with development in quarries. Exact the origin of these sounds is still unknown to anyone, although some researchers believe that it was a meteorite fall, or even not one. And now strange sounds in the middle of the night – horror yes but only…

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