Ominous trumpet sounds were heard now from the sky in England

Ominous trumpet sounds were heard now from heaven in EnglandA photo from open sources

In recent years, evidence has come from many parts of the Earth about strange ominous sounds coming straight from the sky. These sounds can be described as something between a loud trumpet in a wind instrument and a terrible roar of some gigantic fantastic animal. They were heard in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA, Canada, Spain, Egypt, Sudan and many other countries.

Religious people believe that a mysterious noise portends an imminent end of the world. Like, it’s God’s angels, about which the Bible says, and the Apocalypse is just around the corner. Other personalities suggest that somewhere in the oceans an ancient monster woke up, and it’s about his roar. Ufologists talk about aliens and their “tricks” or noise effects, and people of official science try to find what is happening more rational explanation. Scientists blame the vibrations of cold air and metal structures, movement of tectonic plates, high-altitude jet flow and the like, however, they can’t say exactly how these unique sounds appear. And why did they start to scare people in Lately?..

The latest evidence of a mysterious heavenly trumpet was received last week from the English city of Nottingham. Local resident Calvin Kirlyu heard a terrible roar with streets and looked out the window to find out what was the matter, and, by opportunities to record a strange noise. Sound source he identify did not succeed, but recorded it in the video. Turning on the video below, you can hear it with your own ears.

Kirlyu writes: “Honestly, I was amazed that I managed to record these sounds. They were heard from the street five or ten minutes before I started recording, and then they continued about half an hour. A roar came from all directions in the shopping area Center Victoria. The feeling that he was coming right from the sky. I was at home with my girlfriend and we both perfectly heard it. We became uncomfortable and creepy. we called their friends in a nearby city, but it turned out that they they haven’t heard anything like it. ”

The end of the world Russia

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