On a satellite photo found a ship from Star wars “

On a satellite photo found a ship fromA photo from open sources

Observer of the cult star franchise wars, viewing satellite photographs of English county Surrey made an unexpected find.

Near a random golf club he discovered a space Millennium Falcon ship from George Lucas films, covered tarpaulin and surrounded by metal containers – apparently for so that no one sees him from the earth. However, the owners the alleged intergalactic ship does not appear to be foresaw that someone would be able to make out this object on fresh satellite imagery.

A photo from open sources

The fictional spaceship Millennium Falcon for the first time appeared in Star Wars in 1977. He played a big role in the sensational film “The Force Awakens” of 2015 and appears in his The Last Jedi sequel to be released cinema coming winter. And the Millennium Falcon suddenly discovered near unremarkable English golf club Barrow Hills. Strange, isn’t it?

However, what is it really about? Compared with nearby cars, this is a very large facility. But someone couldn’t build a real Millennium Falcon, able to plow the depths of the universe? Maybe someone created decorative copy of a flying ship? Or the company of George Lucas secretly from everyone is filming now in Surrey another series of the popular space saga? Another mystery of our time, which thanks to satellite images, it’s getting bigger and bigger …

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